Astrology of January 22nd, 2017: Exploratory Instincts

Today’s astrology post is appearing late in the day because after participating in the Women’s March on Seattle yesterday my autoimmune issues kicked in and today I feel like a truck hit me.  Totally worth it.  🙂

The Moon entered Sagittarius in the early morning hours today, giving our emotions and instincts an idealistic boost.  We are more likely to act forthrightly and broad-mindedly today, more active and interested in the world around us and exploring new ideas, and less likely to be patient with challenges to our ideals.  This is a good time to explore different philosophies and religions, try food and music from different cultures, and try new things in general.

This feeling of exploration got a boost this morning from the Moon in Sagittarius sextiling the Sun in Aquarius, creating harmony between our unconscious and conscious selves and placing our expansive emotions and instincts in the context of personal growth and expression in turn leading to improvement of our society.

Toward mid-day the Moon in Sagittarius squared the North Node in Virgo, challenging our emotions and instincts to live up to our karmic purpose.  Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, making it far more concerned with the grand, overall picture than the nit-picky little details that Virgo is concerned with, and the North Node’s challenge to the Moon here asks us not to lose sight of those details while having fun in our explorations, and not to lose sight of the fun while tending to the details.  😉

Most of the rest of the day proceeds without any notable astrological aspects, until around the witching hour the Moon squares Neptune in Pisces.  For those who are still awake at that hour, there may be an urge to escape reality for a bit, and if we are among those who imbibe intoxicants we should exercise more caution at that time, as we may be unusually inclined to escape into a bottle or other form of inebriant.  We should also be aware that this is a time when our impressions of the world may not be very accurate, and there is a high potential for us to be deceived by ourselves or others, whether or not that intention is intentional.  Thankfully, like all lunar aspects, this one is fleeting.


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(All aspect times are calculated for Pacific Standard Time.  I tend to speak in broad terms when I reference time on this blog, referring to time-frames like “morning” or “afternoon” rather than specific times, since I still have a lot of friends on the East Coast who read these posts and I’d like them to be pertinent to those friends as well as folks here on the West Coast.  Readers from further abroad will need to adjust time-frames accordingly.)