Astrology Update, March 28th, 2017: Impersonal Forces Up Close

As mentioned in relation to last night’s New Moon in Aries, Jupiter in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn are moving into an exact square at the end of this month, and we are already feeling its effects, which are highlighted today in a series of aspects with the Moon.  

On the national and international stages we have been seeing Pluto transiting the sign he was in at the time of the United States’ founding as a nation, in what is known as a Pluto return, the first return that he has made for this country.  Since Pluto deals with power and institutions, as well as buried secrets, we are now being brought face-to-face with the hidden things this country was founded on, the inequality of women, the exploitation of slaves and immigrants, the genocide of Native Americans.  Pluto is slow-moving, and we still have a few more years before the return becomes exact, but both as a country and as individuals we are already feeling the intensity of this return, and it is being exacerbated by the transits of first Uranus and now Jupiter in hard square aspects to Pluto, moving in and out of a loose T-square formation over the past year.  Uranus and Pluto formed a series of exact squares seven times between 2012 & 2016, bringing the disruptive force of Uranian rebellion to bear upon the power structures represented by Pluto, and then this winter Uranus and Jupiter have moved in and out and back into opposition, pitting the need for individual freedom against the social order and desire for interpersonal peace and harmony.  Jupiter and Uranus are now moving out of that opposition, though they’ll return to it once again in September, and now it’s time for Jupiter and Pluto to have a go at it again, having previously squared off last spring and summer.

Jupiter deals with our faith and optimism, our sense of good fortune, our luck, and he magnifies whatever he touches, making the matters of the sign he is transiting seem larger-than-life.  In Libra, Jupiter is deeply concerned with social order and harmony, and with relationships, especially partnership.  Jupiter is also an authority figure, the king of the gods, ruler in both an earthly sense and a heavenly one.  Squaring off against Pluto brings the secrets of authority figures to light, reveals the flaws and power struggles of our leaders, and pits wealth and power against benevolent authority.  Judicial authority comes into question under this influence, as does the efforts of corporations to buy their way into governmental power.  And on a personal level, we may experience shake-ups in our fortunes, our finances, our faith, and our relationships, all connected to intense power struggles, whether or not we are directly taking part in them.  Feelings of helplessness may be magnified now, or we may find ourselves obsessively determined to hold onto even the slightest sliver of control, only to discover that sense of control is in fact an illusion.  On a spiritual level, we may find ourselves undergoing a “Dark Night of the Soul,” struggling to maintain any faith in the face of overwhelming odds that are reshaping our lives in patterns we don’t recognize and don’t know how to counter on our own, while all that we have previously put our faith in seems engaged in its own battles, and ill-equipped to assist us with ours.

This is the dynamic that our lunar unconscious is tapping into today.  Late this afternoon the Moon in Aries first squares Pluto in Capricorn and then about 20 minutes later opposes Jupiter in Libra, bringing this generational drama alive on a personal level.  Our emotions and instincts first are challenged by forces of change beyond our control, operating on a practical level that affects our goals and potentially affects our careers and reputations as well, yet may also hit us on even deeper levels.  Pluto isn’t simply about change but more importantly about deep transformation, the kind that can goes hand-in-hand with life-threatening illness or even death.  Even when our physical lives are not affected, our souls undoubtedly are, as Pluto is never mild in action, demanding that we confront our deepest and most frightening secrets.  With the Moon bringing Plutonian intensity into our emotions and instinctive reactions, we may find ourselves driven by fears and issues of control, or engaging in compulsive behaviors that we are hard-pressed to explain even to ourselves.  The Moon in Aries is hard-headed and impulsive and wants us to do things our own way, but up against Pluto in Capricorn is likely to find us thwarted by bureaucratic forces beyond our control, the powers-that-be meddling and making a mess of things in ways that we are not only ill-equipped to resist but unusually upset by.  Our emotions this afternoon are likely to range from frustration to anger to depression, but whatever we feel it is likely to be intense.

With the Moon opposes Jupiter shortly after Pluto, we may feel resistant to all efforts to engage peaceably with others, especially in relation to whatever obstacles or forced changes Pluto is making us endure.  We may feel outright hostile, immediately rushing into the fray even when fighting is not necessary or is in fact counter-productive.  On the flip side we could find ourselves so longing for peace and tranquility that we immediately allow ourselves to become doormats, capitulating to whatever demands are made of us in the hope that whatever giant, scary forces are bearing down on us will finally leave us alone.  The intensity of our feelings in the throes of the Moon/Pluto square is amplified by the Moon/Jupiter opposition, and since all of this is operating on the unconscious level and triggered by the big forces in our lives that we may feel we have little control over, we most likely won’t have a lot of applicable tools with which to face these influences.  On the plus side, though the aspects between the transcendental planets that are being emphasized by this lunar transit will be in effect for a while, the immediate effect on our emotions and instinctive reactions is blessedly temporary.  We should also recognize that the feelings we experience as a result can give us clues to understanding this dynamic at work in the world at large, and that understanding is going to be necessary as we grapple with these forces in the long run.

Late tonight the Moon in Aries conjuncts Uranus, reviving the revolutionary fervor that has been an undercurrent in all of this clashing between great impersonal forces.  Our moods tonight become highly changeable, even agitated, and we long for the new and unusual to break the grip of the old and power-obsessed.  When the Moon is in hard aspect to Uranus, we should be mindful of the potential for technological breakdowns and short circuits, but there is also the potential for breakthroughs and increased inventiveness.  Our intuitions are highly attuned during this time, and our interest in and concern for the future is heightened.  And because this all is happening in Aries, our fighting spirit is likely to be revived, at least briefly, though Uranian electricity make find our energy fizzling out quickly after getting emotionally amped up so high.  Nonetheless, insomnia is a strong potential under this aspect, as we may find our hearts racing in the aftermath of facing three of the big powers of the solar system in short succession.  Our dreams tonight may be unusual, if we get to sleep at all.


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