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New Divinatory Drawing on Patreon, November 15th, 2016

Tonight’s drawing was a decent exercise in anatomy and shading, based on The Firebird ballet.  While one would not know it to look at me now, I actually studied ballet for six years, and was fairly serious about it until it became evident that a genetic variation in the bone structure of my feet prohibited me from ever going on pointe.  Which may be just as well, given the prevalence of drug use and anorexia in the professional ballet world in the 1980s, which is when I would have been attempting to enter that world.  Plus, I most likely would never have branched out into all of the myriad influences that make up my current fusion style of performance, and probably wouldn’t have focused as much on my drawing skills either, which of course means none of these divinatory drawings would have been created.  The road not taken is worth considering, if only to realize how much that is worthwhile in one’s current life depends on the losses and/or mistakes of one’s past.