TUESDAY, JULY 14, 2020

Tarot for November 30th, 2016: Truce


Today’s Tarot card is the 4 of Swords (Truce).

Air is given a crystalline visual form in the Thoth deck version shown here, and the four swords, illuminated in regenerative green, point equally to the center of the love of love.  All have equal measure; all are given equal consideration.

The 4 of Swords is the realm of Jupiter in Libra, which (perhaps not) coincidentally is where Jupiter is currently transiting, and will be until October 11th, 2017.

Jupiter is the Greater Benefic of classical astrology, the benevolent and magnanimous celestial ruler of wealth, and faith, and luck.  What he touches he expands, and after some of the less-than-savory trends of 2016, his expansion of Libra and heightening of concern with Libran realms couldn’t come at a more fortuitous time.  Or more disastrous, depending on your point of view.

Libra is the ruler of the 7th house of socially significant relationships (spouses, partnerships, enemies).  Libra is deeply concerned with our attitudes toward the “Others” in our lives, and with balance.  As has been noted by astrologer Samuel F. Reynolds, Libra’s symbol can be taken to represent the scales of balance, but also the yoke on the neck of the ox (interestingly enough, Libra shares Venus’ planetary rulership with Taurus, so the scales and yoke are linked by more than just a visual similarity).  Speaking as someone who has had multiple neck injuries, I see the yoke and the need for balance as both bearing a certain weight to them, symbolically and physically.  And since Jupiter gives a greater degree of “body” to what he touches, we are likely to feel that weight especially from now until next October.

Libra’s concern with balance is eternally cognizant of what is harmonious and what is not, whether in social dynamics or particle physics, art or architecture, Olympic gymnastics or the equally challenging contortions of world diplomacy.  Libra is sensitive to the slightest disruption of that harmony, and in order to keep from becoming unbalanced by that disruption will go to profound lengths to keep the peace.  Or not so profound.  Too many Librans wind up “going along to get along,” suppressing their own needs to meet those of others, accepting inequity so long as it’s neatly swept under the rug and allows for at least a surface illusion of peace to be maintained.

Jupiter in Libra brings to the forefront both the need for real balance and equity in order to come to a truce between warring factions, whether at home or on the world stage, but also increases our anxiety in the face of disharmony and heightens the possibility of looking away from the most egregious of offenses all in the name of getting along.  With Jupiter moving into, out of, and back into a square with control-obsessed Pluto in status-quo upholding Capricorn during this transit, we are going to be confronted repeatedly by what we do to maintain the balance and keep whatever truce we can create, and for those praying for positive and lasting change (or miracles), the results might not be pretty no matter what polite veneer we paint on them.

Truce is fragile, and sometimes so is love, no matter what romantic songs may sing.  Remember that Libra is ruled by Venus, who governs both what we love and what we value.  The rose of love at the heart of this image is safe from being torn apart by the swords of our thoughts and words only so long as the true balance is maintained, the one that respects and values what each brings to the table equally.  Remember that regenerative green?  When that true balance is what we value, there is a healing capacity in our Libran desire for peace.  It takes effort to maintain and vigilance to be aware of all that might either add to or destroy it, including our own desire to take the easy way out, but it is oh-so-beautiful when it unfolds.



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