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Tarot for December 1st, 2016: Swiftness


Today’s Tarot card is the 8 of Wands (Swiftness).

This card actually jumped out of the deck while I was shuffling along with the 3 of Cups (Abundance), reversed.  My inclination is to focus on the first card (8 of Wands) and to consider the second card (3 of Cups) fine-tuning.

The 8 of Wands is the realm of Mercury in Sagittarius, which is of particular interest in view of Mercury leaving Sagittarius tomorrow to enter Capricorn.  This suggests that now is a good time to focus on the final lessons of Mercury in Sagittarius, and align our thoughts and speech with the very best in our faith and our truth, seeing the bigger picture and upholding our ideals before we move forward into December’s Mercury Retrograde season in the first half of Capricorn, with the retrograde itself running from December 19th to the 31st, and the shadow season extending for about a week on either side.

The much-maligned retrograde is a period in which the planet appears to move backward from our vantage point due to the difference in orbital periods between Mercury and the Earth.  While there are plenty of warnings to be given about not signing contracts during this time and being prepared for delays and glitches in technology, communication, and travel (all areas ruled by Mercury), Mercury retrograde is really about taking time to slow down and review things carefully, whether contracts that need to have the fine print examined or our heads that should be examined before we send off an email that we might regret to the wrong person.  😉

Thus, the Tarot bringing forward the Swiftness card now almost feels like “enjoy it while you can!”  Enjoy the warmth and generosity of thought that Mercury in Sagittarius conveys, and use it to full effect.  Enjoy learning and expanding your mind and your beliefs through social activities and communication with different people.  Today’s Capricorn Moon may be getting our emotions and instincts in alignment with where our heads are going to be soon, but our heads are still with our Sagittarian Solar consciousness for a while longer, and just as we should soak up the last of the fading autumn light before winter sets in in earnest, so should we enjoy the sparkle of that light in our minds while it lasts, before we take its inspiration and apply the determined Capricornian work ethic to making that inspiration amount to something in the real world.

The 3 of Cups (Abundance), reversed makes for a double-dose of Mercury, since it is the realm of Mercury in Cancer, which is a cardinal water sign ruled by the Moon, and which governs our family of origin, domesticity, and emotional sensitivity.  As I have noted before, Cancer is concerned with creating emotional safe space for both self and family/friends (hence its focus on home), and Mercury in Cancer asks that we think about and express our emotions in order to create the conditions for the safe space that Cancer desires and the emotional Abundance that results.  But reversed and following the 8 of Wands, I suspect that Abundance here requires a little less cocooning at home than Cancer normally likes.  With the opportunities for social connection encouraged by Mercury in Sagittarius (backed up by the Sun in Sagittarius and December’s holiday season), now is the time to get out and see people and communicate the optimism and vivacity of the Sagittarian mind while it’s still lit up.  The traditional Yuletide season and all of the myriad holidays of so many cultures around this time of year aren’t just sentimentality and consumerism, however much the advertising world wishes us to believe so.  They are the psychological bolstering of courage to face the winter that follows.  They are the time to rekindle the life within us like a spiritual fire to ward off the cold.  There’s plenty of time for hibernation and introspection during Mercury retrograde at the end of the month.  Today is a day for movement!


Astrology of December 1st, 2016: Powerhouse

Today begins with the Moon leaving fiery, idealistic Sagittarius and entering earthy, practical Capricorn, focusing our emotions and instincts on the real world and giving us the subconscious dedication to get things done.  Finally getting some focus after the haze of the past couple of days is likely to be a relief, and a chance to make up for any lack of productivity and groundedness that we may have felt during that time.

The day proceeds without much planetary activity until evening, when the Moon’s harmonious sextile to Neptune in Pisces bring Capricornian dedication to Neptune’s dreaminess, and Neptune brings Piscean sensitivity and empathy to the Moon’s potentially driven reactions.  The Moon in Capricorn can be practical and stable, but without some tempering it can also turn devotion to fanaticism.  A harmonious alignment with Neptune in Pisces makes it easier for the better qualities of of both of these influences to support each other.

This alignment is followed shortly by Mars in Aquarius trine Jupiter in Libra.  Jupiter’s expansive quality magnifies the social drive of Mars in Aquarius, while Jupiter’s luck and wealth in social realms benefits from Martian aggression, which keeps Libra from being too self-sacrificing in the name of keeping the peace.  This is a serious powerhouse alignment, especially with the dedication and foresight that a planning Moon like Capricorn can lend to it, and it the combination of individual strength in favor of social causes and a magnified desire for social harmony make this the best possible time to channel that energy in favor of the good of all.

The combination of these two aspects in close succession gives us a great capacity to give practical form and endurance to our dreams.  Now is the time for moving meditations, sacred dance, and paying attention to our dreams, because now is a time when the formlessness of the subconscious (personal) and unconscious (ancestral, planetary) now gives you the clues you need to bring your deepest ideals and wishes into form.  This takes all that pent-up energy from the past few days and gives it a constructive and potentially very beautiful place to go.  What direction you give it is yours to choose.  Now is the time to use your dreams and wishes to create the kind of world that you most want to live in.

2016 has been a rough year for so many of us – tumultuous, depressing, and continuing to heap challenges upon us after the past few years of tension, upheaval, and in numerous cases outright disaster.  And I can’t promise that 2017 is going to be any better, but there are still opportunities for us to rise to the challenge of these times and use them as the impetuous to course-correct this crazy world.  Capricorn Moon allows your subconscious and your emotions and your instincts to take a longer view, to prepare for the long climb up the mountain, and do whatever is most necessary to reach your goals.  Make sure they are worthy of an epic climb, and know that you have the power to do this.  The heavens themselves say it’s time.