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Tarot for December 3rd, 2016: Clearing Roadblocks


Today’s Tarot card is the 7 of Swords (Futility), reversed.  An auspicious reversal!

The 7 of Swords is ruled by the Moon in Aquarius, and (not) coincidentally, the Moon enters Aquarius today.

Contrary to the watery quality implied in the name, Aquarius is an air sign, not a water sign, and like other air signs it is concerned foremost with thought and communication, reason and logic.  The Moon is ruled by Cancer, a water sign, and it governs our emotions and intuitions, our personal subconscious and collective unconscious, and does so with the watery ebb and flow of the tides.  It fluctuates in seasons and cycles.  It is hard to pin down and quantify.  It is neither reasonable nor logical.  Thus, the Moon in Aquarius is not in a particularly easy or comfortable place, because on some fundamental level Aquarius just doesn’t understand emotions.

What Aquarius does understand is the relationship of the individual to society, the ways in which society exerts its will upon the individual, both subtly and not so, and the ways in which the individual pushes back.  Aquarius governs causes, and organizations, and friendships.  And peer pressure.  And group-think.  And mob mentality.

Now add Lunar fluctuations to that.  Things are bound to get uncomfortable.  Not just uncomfortable, but sometimes downright impossible.

In the Thoth deck, the 7 of Swords shows six small swords attacking the larger central sword of Reason.  The smaller swords have symbols on their hilts, including those for the three inner planets, Mercury, Venus, and Mars, and one outer planet, Jupiter.  The inner planets being the personal planets, there is a correlation here between the personal and the societal, with the individual internalizing dissonant messages from the group.  Conflicting thoughts and communication, affections and desires, actions and aggressions, combined with the increasing power of Jupiter that magnifies these individual components and turns them into beliefs, all hinder the Reason and agency of the individual in the grip of the Aquarian Moon at its worst.

But here we see the 7 of Swords reversed.  Where we have previously experienced the futility of going against the crowd, now we have a chance of breaking free.  Not simply as a form of rebellion for the sake of rebellion, but as a necessary means of improving the very society that had hindered us.  Aquarius is deeply in-tune with the social contract.  Yes, by living in society, we may agree to live by its rules, but that society also agrees to be shaped by us.  Just as humans evolve, so too must our social structures.  Friendships either grow together or stagnate and grow apart.  Organizations either learn to adapt or become obsolete.  Governments either address the needs of the people or the people tear down what no longer works and get a new government.  The sword that was once attacked on all sides pulls itself free, and sweeps clear from the disrupting influences that once clouded the path before it.  The structures that previously seemed solid and immovable are now transparent and in danger of being cut through like so much tissue paper.

Now is the time to clear the obstacles previously created by allowing ourselves to be bogged down in other peoples’ expectations.  We can still care about those around us, but we don’t do them any favors by being untrue to ourselves and letting them dictate our thoughts, affections, actions, and beliefs.  The group is only as strong as its individual members – if we tear each other down we cannot truly stand together.  Today is a good day to take action in support of our inner truth, to finally breathe free and feel the hope of real progress.


Astrology of December 3rd, 2016: Today is a Day for Action!


Today the heavens give us a bit of a break, if by break one means a recipe for workaholism.  ;P  Yes, the day starts with an early void-of-course Moon, which means we need to hold off on starting new endeavors until the afternoon.  But finishing up old projects in the morning while enjoying the residual effects of the early morning Moon/Venus conjunction?  That sounds like a lovely plan if you’re a triple Capricorn like me.  🙂  And for those of a more naturally sedentary bent, it’s still a harmonious enough combination to make whatever you’ve got going this morning feel rewarding right down in your bones.

That Moon/Venus conjunction has our emotions and instincts aligning with our affections and pleasures in earthy Capricorn.  Practical pleasures and taking care of creature comforts are emphasized, but since Venus in Capricorn is an ambitious girl, the Venusian tendency toward self-indulgence in this case is tempered by the desire to reach her goals; this is self-indulgence with a purpose!  (Hence my waking bolt upright shortly after the conjunction and soon deciding on getting work done instead of going back to sleep…)

Within a few short hours of that conjunction is a sextile between Mars in Aquarius and Saturn in Sagittarius, which puts drive and discipline together with a strong potential for some social benefit to all of this activity.  And since Mars and Saturn move more slowly than the Moon and Venus, they can help you carry forward that active energy all through the day, which can be highly beneficial once the Moon enters freedom-loving Aquarius shortly before noon Pacific Time.  The combination of Aquarian and Sagittarian attitudes can help you lay the groundwork for socially-conscious yet individually-fulfilling activities both for tonight and in support of long-term plans.  If you have a cause that needs a jump-start, this is a great day for giving it that in a way that holds true to your principles while still being enjoyable.  Mars gives us the energy we need and Saturn makes it sustainable.  Today is a day for action!