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Tarot for December 6th, 2016: Strength


Today’s Tarot card is the 9 of Wands (Strength).

The 9 of Wands falls within the realm of the Sun in Sagittarius, and since we are currently in the second decanate of Sagittarius, we are in the heart of the Sun in Sagittarius season.  Nine being a number associated with completion, there is encouragement to take the ideals that we are awakened to by Sagittarius and run with them, and then get ready to build on them when we enter Capricorn season with the Winter Solstice on December 21st.

Winter can be a time of testing, a time when the weak and sick are thinned from the herd in the natural world.  The Sagittarius season at the beginning of winter is a time when we bolster ourselves with shared beliefs and ideals, shared customs and cultural rituals, shared camaraderie with friends and family and even strangers joined together by the merry-making of the season.  Now is the time when we build up the strength of faith in our ability to make it through the long, dark winter ahead.  Now is the time when we enjoy the warmth of connection in order to shut out the cold.

In the Thoth deck version of this card, both Sun and Moon are represented on the central arrow, uniting male and female, and both active and reflective principles.  Spiritual unity is called for here, and there is the intimation that recent periods of fear and uncertainty are to be followed by victory.  Spirit is backing us up here, the Divine aligned with the Personal in order to bring about the best possible outcome.  Now is a time for healing, and strengthening ourselves, for we may yet have to make a great application of strength to get through the times ahead, but our strength and faith and courage will get us through.

Astrology of December 6th, 2016: Down the Rabbit Hole


Today is marked predominantly by Piscean dreaminess combining forces with an early dose of Capricornian practicality and attention to detail that is likely to get washed out by a double dose of Pisces energy in the afternoon and some potent and possibly zany energy that heightens as we move into the evening.  The Lunar aspects of the day are the Moon in Pisces sextile Mercury in Capricorn in the morning and the Moon conjunct Neptune in the afternoon, with that latter accounting for much of the increased dreaminess of the day.  Neptune is the transcendental ruler of Pisces, so in contact with the Moon in Pisces it can really heighten the emotional sensitivity and blurring of boundaries associated with this sign, but since the Moon is conjuncting it and not the Sun, any resultant confusion is occurring on a subconscious and instinctive level, rather than consciously.  Thus, we may experience a certain degree of fogginess but not really be able to put a finger on why.  

This is a good day for being creative and daydreaming, but not necessarily a good day for getting things done, unless we have a lot of little things to get done, which may get a boost from this evening’s sextile between Mars in Aquarius and Uranus in Aries.  Mars is the ruler of Aries and Uranus is the transcendental ruler of Aquarius, so these two are in a state known as “mutual reception,” in which the two planets strengthen and provide assistance to each other.  Mars and Uranus in the supportive sextile aspect is already a hot combination, but in air and fire signs (air feeds fire!) and with the boost of mutual reception, this pair is likely to make its presence felt throughout the day and probably into tomorrow as well.  Which is good, because we can most likely use a bit of active energy and direction to balance out that Piscean dreaminess, but the Uranian element can give a frenetic quality to our energy and activities (I’ve already been bouncing about to an unusual degree – hence, the difficulty in focusing long enough to write this!).  Some exercise and physical activity in general may be helpful in channeling that energy usefully.  

The caution that I am inclined to give in all of this is that while the aspects of the day are fairly supportive, the combination of Piscean/Neptunian flow on an emotional level with Mars/Uranus energy and eccentricity can lead us down rabbit holes before we know it, and leave us at the end of the day wondering just what on earth we got ourselves into.  There may be issues with technology for those of us prone to fry the circuits of our electronic friends, so backing up data is a good idea.  The potential for strong intuitive insight and sudden illumination is great, and we may find ourselves making some wonderfully serendipitous connections, but we may need to make an extra effort to be mindful of where we are and what we are doing, especially while doing things like driving, for example, lest we accidentally find ourselves a few hundred miles off-course.  😉