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Tarot for December 7th, 2016: Change, reversed


Today’s Tarot card is the 2 of Disks (Change), reversed.

The 2 of Disks falls within the realm of Jupiter in Capricorn.  Given that Jupiter currently resides in Libra, which squares Capricorn, there is already the suggestion of a challenge with the energies of this card today.  Both Libra and Capricorn are cardinal signs, dealing in initiatory energy, the territory of beginnings, and are not necessarily good at digging in for the long term.  Of course, long journeys can be made up of many little beginnings, many short undertakings combined into one long one.  This that Capricorn excels at, and why Jupiter in Capricorn, magnifying that tendency, governs this realm of change.  Just as the mountain goat hops from ledge to precarious ledge, with each new step a death-defying height to attain, so does the expanded faith in one’s own abilities shown by Jupiter in Capricorn emphasize ongoing movement in pursuit of one’s goals.

Reversed then, this card might seem to indicate an inability or unwillingness to change, but I suspect that in combination with today’s void-of-course Moon we are being advised to take things slower, and not push ourselves so unrelentingly.  Even mountain goats need to rest and find less dizzying heights to pause in for a bit before gathering strength and courage to scale the next mountain.  Now may be a good time to go with the flow a bit rather than trying to manipulate circumstances overmuch, and to consider the next change our lives carefully.

Astrology of December 7th, 2016: Turning Inward


All of the celestial action today happens in the early morning hours, a flurry of activity before the Moon turns void-of-course and Venus enters Aquarius, and the day seems to hover in a dreamy null space.  

The Moon squares the Sun in the wee hours of the morning, moving into its 2nd Quarter, and shortly after that sextiles Pluto in Capricorn, giving a shot of Plutonian power that may have interesting results in your dreams.  If you are reading this soon after waking, I suggest that you take time to write down anything you remember from your dreams at this time, as there may be information there that will be useful to you later.

After that the morning gets serious, with the Moon first inconjuncting Jupiter in Libra and then squaring Saturn in Sagittarius.  To have the Moon in Pisces in a state of incomprehension with the classical ruler of Pisces (Jupiter) does not seem to bode well, but remember that within the process of working through confusion there may be valuable lessons to be gleaned, and Jupiter is known for faith, not negativity.  That said, Jupiter magnifies what it touches, including the confusion of an inconjunct involving Pisces, and with the Moon/Saturn square following shortly on its heels there is a propensity here for moodiness and depression, as Saturn challenges our emotional sensitivity with the limitations of cold, hard reality.

Perhaps it’s best then that this last aspect of the day is followed by the void-of-course Moon, extending from this morning through until tomorrow morning.  The void-of-course Moon is best suited toward introspection, decluttering, tending to the daily routine, and working things out on one’s own without diving into any brave new ventures.  With Venus entering Aquarius soon after the Moon turns void-of-course, our affections may be more social than our fortunes, but given the pleasure that Aquarius takes in exploring ideas, curling up with a book and sorting out the moods of the day that way may be just what the doctor ordered.