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Tarot for December 8th, 2016: Queen of Cups


The Queen of Cups is back again, a very short while after her most recent appearance here.  Given the day’s astrological emphasis on fire that might need some water to keep it in check, as well as the afternoon’s conflict between emotion and logic, we don’t need to look far for reasons for her to appear again so soon.

The Moon in astrology being associated with both our emotions and our subconscious can reinforce the notion that what we feel is more suited to staying in the background, and with today’s potential for what we feel to set off arguments or other socially discordant situations, we may wind up bottling up what we feel in order to minimize the damage of foot-in-mouth syndrome.  But bottling our emotions up isn’t really the answer, even when it may be expedient.  Especially when relations between mind and heart are testy, the Queen reminds us that we need to let ourselves feel what we feel as fully as possible in order to be in a better position to clearly understand and communicate our moods without letting them dominate us from behind-the-scenes.  Sweep enough stuff under the rug and pretty soon you wind up tripping over what’s under the rug!

Knowing what we feel by allowing ourselves to truly experience our feelings and be present with them keeps us from falling into the historically destructive delusion that heart and mind must remain separate.  Today is a day that will especially benefit from taking time for meditation and self-care, allowing what we feel to flow through us without staying stuck in any particular emotion.  The Queen of Cups can guide us in exercising our intuitions so that we know when best to take extra time and space to fully experience and understand what we are feeling, and be gentle with ourselves in the process.  Doing so will make it easier for us to navigate the day’s discordant energies and use the lessons learned wisely.

Astrology of December 8th, 2016: Big Damn Heroes or Conflicting Egos?


With the Moon’s entry into Aries having started the morning, our emotions and instincts have become bolder, faster, more eager to jump into situations head-first.  We want to be big damn heroes, and we want it now.  With the Moon in Aries sextiling Venus in Aquarius a short time later, those bold emotions have combined forces with a desire for the company of forward-thinking people and new situations.  This is a great time for bold new enterprises, so long as you don’t mind the potential to go a little overboard.  Today also is a day to be aware that in groups one is interacting with many different egos, and each is going to want to feel like the hero today.  As long as you are equally generous with the spotlight, it can be a time of fun and high spirits.

Case in point regarding egos, however; Moon in Aries square Mercury in Capricorn this afternoon may see some conflict between egos, as those brash bold emotions clash with the need for measured speech.  And if you’re not careful, your mouth may follow those emotions into a conversation that won’t do you any favors in the long run.  Open mouth, insert foot…  Mercury in Capricorn can be very concerned with details and precision, but may nonetheless err on the side of bluntness.  On the plus side, Mercury in Capricorn still maintains this cardinal earth sign’s concern for social order, so like a relay runner it may carry forward some of the socially-conscious energy from the Moon’s morning dalliance with Venus.  A little mindfulness may go a long way toward keeping tempers even this afternoon.