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Tarot for December 9th, 2016: Adjustment (reversed)


Today’s Tarot card is (VIII) Adjustment, reversed.

Adjustment is ruled by Libra, and in the Thoth deck shows a woman carefully balanced on the tip of a sword, putting all of her concentration into centering herself with her toes on either side of the sword tip.  A large set of scales descends from chains attached to her headdress, seemingly the heaviest object in a scene filled with feathers and spheres resting above and below sharp-tipped pyramidal structures.  The Alpha and Omega within the scales speak to the need to find harmony between polarities.  The feathers and stylized Egyptian-ish headdress evoke Ma’at, Egyptian goddess of truth, whose symbol is the feather weighed against the heart of the deceased in ancient Egyptian funerary scenes, with the object of that judgement being to have a heart that is lighter than the feather of Ma’at.  Adjustment evokes both precision and lightness that come from being very clear and centered in one’s knowledge of one’s self, surroundings, and circumstances.  Thus, this card is associated with meditation, and also with weighing multiple viewpoints objectively before arriving at a decision.

With Jupiter in Libra sextile to the Sun in exuberant Sagittarius, plus a whole host of lively Lunar alignments throughout the day, the likelihood of getting stillness and objective clarity today is probably minimal.  This is not necessarily a bad thing though.  It suggests that if you are in the process of making an important decision requiring careful thought and balancing viewpoints, you may want to put it off until you do have some time and space to yourself (such as tomorrow morning, when the Sun conjuncts Saturn and a bit more seriousness prevails).

It should be noted however, that the Adjustment card also warns against becoming paralyzed by indecision as a result of weighing too many options.  Sometimes we need to just cut to the chase!  And with the decisive influences in the heavens today (Aries, Aries, and more Aries…) now may well be the time to act if what you need to do can benefit from a little less precision and a lot more enthusiasm.  Whether reversed or not, Adjustment does ask us to be mindful of cause and effect and our personal responsibility, so we should be mindful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater.  But fortune favors the bold, and with Jupiter in Adjustment’s ruling sign of Libra interacting with both the Moon and Sun in fire signs today, I suspect that boldness will win out over delicacy.  😉

Astrology of December 9th, 2016: Time to Frolic!


Today sees a full day of Lunar aspects, and while they do swing back and forth between the supportive and the potentially challenging, those influences are still well-balanced, with nothing too challenging hitting us without some cosmic support immediately coming in to ease our way through any rough spots.  Plus, those challenges help to keep the day moving, giving us the impetus to make great progress in the first half of the day and then revel in the second half if we make good use of the energy and excitement of all of these connections.

The day starts off with the Moon in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn, bringing our emotions and instincts up against issues of power and control.  As with all of the Lunar aspects, we may not be consciously aware that something is amiss, but under the surface we feel Pluto’s intensity pushing up against our feelings, heightening our sense of discomfort with whatever institutional forces we may be chafing against in our lives right now.  There is power in what we feel though, and while it may not be comfortable, it could still be a good impetus to get the day going, so long as we don’t succumb to road rage along the way…  😉

A supporting trine between the Moon and the Sun can smooth things over a few hours later, giving our subconscious the comfort of the Sun’s presence in enthusiastic Sagittarius to bolster our heroic instincts and bring a sense of joy to the morning.  With the Moon opposing Jupiter in short succession, that ebullience may become a bit giddy and grand, but with a trine from the Moon to serious Saturn in Sagittarius following soon after, that giddiness feels a steadying influence and gets the structure and discipline to see your grand ideals through.  

The Moon conjuncting Uranus in Aries this afternoon may bring some unexpected changes, but with the Sun in Sagittarius sextiling Jupiter in Libra shortly thereafter, those changes are likely to be positive, or at the very least nothing we can’t handle, as Jupiter favors good fortune.   The combination of the two biggest gravitational forces in our solar system bringing light and luck in the social signs of Sagittarius and Libra may result in the afternoon’s productivity dissolving into the need for fun and a desire to take off for the weekend a bit early.  Given the holiday season, however, this may turn out to be right on time, and with the Moon in Aries sextiling Aries’ ruler Mars in Aquarius in the early evening, our conscious desire for fun and social activity is backed up by our emotions and our drive, so that we can’t help but want to kick up our heels and be social!  If we don’t have party plans already, now is the time to make them!  And since the Moon turns void-of-course with that Mars sextile, by the time evening rolls around there’s really nothing that should be done that can’t wait until morning, while we enjoy the best of what a night in this season can offer with friends and family.