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Tarot for December 11th, 2016: Abundance, reversed


Today’s Tarot card is the 3 of Cups (Abundance), reversed.

The 3 of Cups is the territory of Mercury in Cancer, which is the opposite sign of Capricorn, the sign in which Mercury currently resides.   Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which is having a bit of a rough time today.  Mercury in Cancer puts our thoughts and speech in the realm of a sign known for its emotional sensitivity (or moodiness, depending on your point of view…).  Cancer’s function is to create safe space for ourselves and our loved ones in which to feel.  Mercury in Cancer wants us to be able to think about and express what we feel.  When we do we help to create that safe space for ourselves and others – we establish a precedent for valuing emotional sensitivity, and we encourage further exploration of and appreciation for emotional richness.  This results in a state of feeling abundance – our world becomes less limited, less restrictive, and because we appreciate our own feelings and others’ more, we become more conscious of them and what they add to our lives.  The 3 of Cups thus can be taken to indicate a joyful and well-connected community of kindred spirits who share their feelings honestly with each other.

The 3 of Cups reversed during a Mercury in Capricorn cycle and especially on an emotionally uncomfortable day like today suggests that we may be feeling a desire for a little less emotional abundance 😉 but it may also indicate a sense of isolation and lack of community or connection, and a need to remedy that.  Given the awkwardness of the day that may feel especially difficult, so if you are feeling isolated recognize that this is a legitimate need – humans are social animals, after all – but it may be a need that will take time to remedy.  With Mercury in Capricorn, we don’t tend to be forthcoming about what we feel, and are oriented toward thinking and talking about the things that will help us reach our goals, rather than messy emotions.  We also tend to be thinking and communicating in ways that emphasize our independence – it may not even occur to us during this time that going it alone might not be the best course of action.  The 3 of Cups reversed is a good reminder to value our connections with others, even if embracing them might be awkward or frustrating on this particular day.  The people who matter most in our lives are likely to understand, and may need someone to vent to just as much.


Astrology of December 11th, 2016: Balancing Act


Today isn’t necessarily a bad day, just a little off-kilter and in need of some mindfulness.  It starts off in the morning strongly enough with a trine from the Moon in Taurus to Pluto in Capricorn, combining power and control with emotional stability, making us feel solid, steady, and goal-oriented, with enough intensity to push through obstacles but no real interest in upsetting the apple cart.

However, the late morning and early afternoon see a trio of Lunar inconjuncts in short succession, where those steady, earthy emotions feel at odds with the larger forces in our lives via Jupiter, Saturn, and the Sun, and we may find ourselves reaching for clarity.  It’s as though we’re a little depressed and not quite certain of our luck, but can’t quite understand being serious or disciplined either, and don’t really feel like ourselves either way.  We may feel as though we have to balance several slightly discordant feelings and experiences carefully, without ever getting full satisfaction out of any of them.

The evening sees a less uncertain emotional landscape, but with the Moon squaring Mars in Aquarius it may also be a lot more cranky, aggressive, and even explosive if we let things get out of control.  Those stable, comfort-oriented Taurean emotions and instincts that we were feeling this morning are now at odds with a sense of drive and aggression that wants newness and mental stimulation, leading to impatience with ourselves and others if our environment fails to deliver.  Since our instincts under a Taurus Moon are to curl up at home or in some other cozy environment, we’re not too keen on leaving our comfort zone in search of new experiences, but our energies are restless and won’t let us lie back and take it easy.  The Moon/Mars square starts a Lunar void-of-course period that lasts until morning, so we don’t want to use this restlessness to start anything too important.  Like the uncertainty earlier in the day, this may take a bit of a balancing act to see through, especially because the Moon squaring Mars tends to make us accident-prone and have difficulty being around other people.  Finding ways to off steam without leaving too much wreckage in our wake is the name of this game, and since Lunar aspects are short-lived, at least we know that this too shall pass before the night is out.

Addendum:  Somehow when I initially wrote this post, I overlooked the fact that the Sun in Sagittarius trines Uranus in Aries shortly before the end of the night.  This may add to the agitation of the Moon/Mars square, feeding Mars in Aquarius’ need for excitement, but it may also serve up something new to satisfy that hunger.  Since this aspect is longer-lasting than the Lunar aspects that have dominated the day, I suspect that this may make for a night of insomnia, or at the very least unusual dreams…