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Tarot for December 12th, 2016: Prince of Wands, reversed


Today’s Tarot card is the Prince of Wands, reversed.  The Prince is the airy, intellectual and communicative side of the fire-ruled realms of spirit and creativity, and in his reversed position today he suggests that it may be time to turn the way that we think about and express our creative fire upside-down.  Now is a time to try new perspectives and new methods both of creating and communicating.  and recognize that we may not be able to charge in with guns a-blazing the way that a fire spirit with plenty of air to fuel it might, but nonetheless this may be a turning point in our creative and spiritual expression whose adherence to will require more long-term fire-tending.  The Prince’s passion and pride may need some tempering now, yet we need to be careful not to snuff them out entirely by becoming overly restrictive or so concerned with the practical that we cease to feed the fire with new ideas.

We also need to be aware that the Prince’s reversed position here can indicate disruption and discord, and may indicate a need to mend what has previously been severed.  Now is not the time to be impulsive, lest we go careening off in the wrong direction, nor should we simply continue with traditions that reinforce prejudice and unhealthy family histories.  Disruption and discord here may result from the necessary introduction of new ideas that challenge old institutions.  There is also a need here to reject the Prince’s less noble qualities, for when he is at his worst he can be cruel, intolerant, and even violent.

Now is the time to look for the Prince in unexpected places, and be willing to cultivate his best traits in ourselves.  This is a time to be intelligent and courageous and charismatic, swift and generous without going off half-cocked, and burn with the fire of our truest spirit so that all those who encounter us are warmed by its steady flame.


Astrology of December 12th, 2016: Mental and Intuitive Paces


The Moon enters Gemini this morning, taking us from the sensory and practical realm of Taurus into the mental, social, and communicative realms of Gemini, getting ready for tomorrow’s Full Moon in Gemini.  

The Moon in Gemini likes fun and flexibility and newness and when it trines Venus in Aquarius this afternoon we may feel very gregarious as a result!  This is a placement that takes pleasure in learning and being with other people, and during this Sun in Sagittarius season this makes for a great time to expand our horizons, especially with the residual steadying hand from the Sun’s conjunction with Saturn on Saturday.  

When the Moon squares Neptune in Pisces in the evening, the afternoon’s gregariousness could dissolve into dizzyness, with a tendency toward addictive behaviors and a strong potential for beer-goggling…  :/  Making the most of this time means using this aspect’s tendency toward dreaminess in combination with the intuitive openness of Pisces in combination with the Moon’s instinct in a highly intelligent and mentally active placement.  Though the square is a challenging aspect, that challenge can make for an enjoyable chance to run through our mental and intuitive paces, and avoid stereotypical Moon square Neptune disillusionment.  

This is a perfect time to learn and may yield good information to be re-examined during the upcoming Mercury retrograde starting on December 19th.  That will be the time to go inward and review everything that has happened since December 2nd.  

Moving forward from the message of the Tarot’s 3 of Cups yesterday, these aspects give us the capacity to move forward in building and strengthening our community connections in a way that might have been too difficult yesterday.  Today’s combination of both strong support from the Moon trine Venus and a potentially useful challenge from the Moon square Neptune give us a wonderful opportunity to find real abundance in connections with those we love and those we are learning to love.  😉