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Tarot for December 13th, 2016: The Aeon


Today’s Tarot card is (XX) The Aeon, a card of Spirit, and of seeing patterns.

Now is a time when our old selves are being burned away, and we must accept the consequences of our actions and move forward into a new state of being.  This is a time of destruction and regeneration, requiring that we take a larger view of our lives and circumstances, recognizing patterns and repeating cycles and how we contribute to the situations we find ourselves in.  This puts us in a position for more effective course-correction, as expanding our perceptions expands our abilities to navigate these patterns and in the process to create the ideal future that we desire.  The Aeon asks us to consider what our vision of Utopia may be and our possible paths to it.

The Aeon also asks us to recognize that achieving our ideal future requires aligning our vision with divine vision, stepping outside of a narrow, personal viewpoint and discarding prior illusions.  Not only is this what is required, but this is a time when we are ready to move into a more spiritual way of seeing and be able to trust in divine providence.  We can see the path before us more clearly and know the direction we need to travel.

This is a time to spend in quiet contemplation and to cultivate beginner’s mind, approaching life’s lessons with a lack of preconceptions and a willingness to learn from even the smallest and most seemingly insignificant experiences.  Liberating breakthroughs can result to profoundly shape our course at what is becoming increasingly apparent is a crucial turning point in our history.


Astrology of December 13th, 2016: Full Moon in Gemini


Today we see a Full Moon in Gemini as well as a busy day for Lunar aspects.  The pace of interactions is fitting for this mutable air sign, and reminds me of a cat getting into everything, curious to check out an assortment of planetary influences.

Getting started in the wee hours of the morning with a pair of inconjuncts, first from the Moon in Gemini to Mercury in Capricorn and then to Pluto in Capricorn, we may have started the day with an unsettled feeling resulting from our instincts in search of something new bumping up against our mental state of self-control determined to stay the course.  Since inconjuncts appear where planets fundamentally don’t understand each other, this interaction isn’t particularly hostile, just uncomfortable with the need to adjust these disparate influences.

A few hours later the Moon trines Jupiter in Libra and opposes Saturn in Sagittarius, emphasizing an emotional state supported by our faith and generosity yet potentially tripped up by fear and insecurity.  We need to learn to get out of our own way and take advantage of the opportunities the day offers us, but not be too self-indulgent in the process.  Jupiter encourages us to excess while Saturn reminds us of our limits, so we are likely to experience temptations followed by the admonition to restrain ourselves, with potentially unpleasant consequences if we don’t heed that warning.

The afternoon and early evening see the Moon sextile Uranus in Aries heightening the frenetic impulses of the Moon in Gemini, which doesn’t exactly encourage us to rein in that temptaion nor the excitement of the Full Moon in Gemini opposite Sun in Sagittarius highlighting the active, social quality of the season while amping up our sense of ideals and all of the myriad ideas being set in motion about them.  With Saturn conjoining the Sun, however, this is a far more serious Full Moon than we might normally expect with both Gemini and Sagittarius involved.  This is especially so given the square that Saturn in Sagittarius and Chiron in Pisces are forming, creating a T-square formation along the Solar/Lunar axis with Chiron as the release point at this Full Moon and moving into their exact square on New Year’s Eve (coinciding with the last day of Mercury retrograde).  Saturn calls attention to where we feel like we’ve been given the short end of the stick in life, but Chiron shows us where we are actually injured, not just afraid of our possible shortcomings.  These two challenging each other rarely looks pretty, instead offering the opportunity for painful learning experiences that may encourage our growth but which most of us would gladly avoid if we could get away with it.  Which the square aspect offers no opportunity for doing.  What it does is remind us that curiosity may kill the cat, while simultaneously making it impossible to avoid looking at whatever has that cat’s attention.  This gets us ready to make the upcoming Mercury retrograde period (Dec. 19th-31st) a time for seriously looking deep into our old wounds and confronting our shadows. On the plus side, Chiron is great for showing us where we can make it through our own difficult learning experiences by passing on what we’ve learned to others going through similar hard lessons.  We just need to do the inner work with Mercury retrograde before we try to pass on what we’ve learned during Saturn & Chiron’s waxing square.

Another configuration plugging into all of this is the electric opposition currently tightening up between Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries, with Saturn moving toward a sextile with Jupiter and a trine with Uranus that will become exact on December 25th, lending Saturn’s discipline to Uranus’ desire for sudden change, with Jupiter amping up both.  This is a serious time for social and ideological change, with Uranus in Aries emphasizing newness and youth assisted by those of their elders who haven’t lost their activist fervor.  All those looking for a messiah on that day would do well to become their own!  This building fever between these three outer planets is the backdrop to tonight’s Full Moon, with Saturn’s conjunction with the Sun focusing these influences on our emotions and instincts via the Full Moon.  This is the time to set our intentions for the paradigm shift that is being set into motion whether we like it or not – we can either shape it ourselves with compassion and mindfulness or be dragged along with it, kicking and screaming.  Because something new is being birthed this holiday season, and its not just another plastic creche scene to feed the corporate kaiju tearing up the countryside…

Tonight finishes with the Moon in Gemini trining Mars in Aquarius to add some drive to that activity before turning void-of-course in the wee hours of tomorrow morning, which may give the night a bit of an anti-climactic feeling unless it’s well-spent in carrying forward the energy of this Full Moon with talking and brainstorming, so long as we don’t try to set true foundations for something important now.  Recognizing exactly what needs healing is what must take priority now, before we purge the infection.