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Tarot for December 16th, 2016: Worry


Today’s Tarot card is the 5 of Disks (Worry).

Mercury in Taurus governs the 5 of Disks, and with Mercury turning retrograde in Capricorn just a few days from now, this is a good time to confront our worrisome thought patterns before the retrograde has us ruminating in earnest.  Mercury governs our thought and speech, and Mercury dwelling in Taurus can lead to us always thinking about and talking about our material concerns, since Taurus is the sign that most fully expresses our material being.  This leads to a situation in which matter dominates spirit, symbolized in the Thoth deck by the downward-pointing pentagram.  When this happens, we lose perspective, weighed down by our material circumstances instead of being lifted up by spirit.

Fear of material lack and physical discomfort can grab us on a very primal level and be very hard to shake as a result.  It can become immobilizing or result from extended inaction, which is why it is within the realm of Taurus, the least mobile of all of the signs.  Taurus being a fixed earth sign, it also squares the fixed fire sign of Leo, which the Moon entered today.  Leo’s proud self-expression may make us wish to deny our worries and pretend that they don’t exist, but that which we keep hidden still may rule us from the shadows.  Fears denied can still suffocate us slowly, depriving us of sleep and health, exacerbating the problem.  Thus, we need to accept that the fearful situation exists without allowing it to dominate our consciousness.

Worry can often relate to future events, real or imagined, as well as current situations, so a crucial means of battling it is for us to focus on the present moment as much as possible, a practice that may be assisted today by the Leo Moon’s focus on pleasurable activities and self-expression, as well as basic self-worth.

The 5 of Disks can relate to an actual material crisis, such as worsening financial circumstances or a downturn in health, but it can also relate to a self-fulfilling prophecy, in which our thoughts surrounding our material situation preoccupy us so negatively that we have difficulty finding a way out, because we literally cannot see the possibilities and opportunities that could lift us out of the situation.  And when the situation truly is something out of our control, consuming ourselves with thinking about it won’t change it.

The 5 of Disks is a situation out of balance, so dealing with it requires that we first take steps to correct the imbalance, and that can mean counter-intuitively putting our thoughts and energies elsewhere for a bit.  If thinking and talking about the situation can’t help, getting momentum in the doing and feeling realms may help to rebalance the situation, even if what you are doing and feeling isn’t directly related to the problem.  Sometimes getting ourselves out of a mental rut is the first real step toward solving our problems, even if we can’t immediately see the solution.  Taking a step back can give us perspective.  Changing the focus of our attention can allow our subconscious to find solutions while our conscious mind gets a much-needed break.

Astrology of December 16th, 2016: Dreaming Cat


Today is a relatively quiet day, astrologically speaking, which is likely to be a good thing after the flurry of rough Lunar aspects yesterday wreaking havoc on our emotions and instincts.

Today we see two Lunar inconjuncts book-ending the day, with the Moon in Cancer inconjunct Mars in Aquarius in the wee hours of the morning, followed by the Moon’s entry into Leo a few hours later and an inconjunct with Neptune in Pisces later tonight.

The Moon in Cancer’s sensitive domestic instincts bumping up against Mars in Aquarius’ drive toward individualistic expression in social realms may have added some uncertainty to our preparations to meet the day, but the Moon’s entry into proud and fiery Leo is likely to burn away any remainder of that right quick.

Leo governs the 5th house of self-expression and pleasurable pursuits, so our instincts will now turn toward what gives us enjoyment and makes us feel most fully ourselves, and we are not likely to be shy about what we want!  Of course, how this tendency expresses itself in us varies from person to person, but we would do well to remember that on some level everyone today is going to want their lordly due – today more than others is a day to be mindful of egos and pride.  Keep in mind that I am not saying that’s a bad thing.  Despite our achievement-focused society, we seem to have a taboo against personal expressions of pride, and in “spiritual” circles in particular we love to denigrate the ego.  Yet I am firmly convinced that the ego is a necessary part of our psychological makeup that should not be endlessly squashed in the name of supposed spiritual growth, and that false humility can be far more damaging than honest pride.

Now is a good time to delve into the things that give us both pleasure and pride, the activities that make us feel most fully ourselves and alive.  Creative expression is especially favored now, and so are activities with children.  Especially during the holiday season, we can spend a lot of time and energy preparing for a future day and a future celebration, but today is good day to kick up our heels a bit and enjoy the present moment with our loved ones, and be proud of those connections and the fun we can have together.  No matter how serious life gets, pleasures shared remind us why we bother with this crazy life thing in the first place, and a Leo Moon can be very generous!  We get bombarded at this time of year with exhortations to be materially generous, but the Moon in Leo is here to remind us that generosity of spirit and time and camaraderie is likely to have more lasting effect and more fully feed the emotional fire that will warm and sustain us through the remaining winter months to come.

Later tonight the Moon in Leo will inconjunct Neptune in Pisces, and while this meeting of fire and water, proud instincts and selfless dreams and ideals may not seem to be natural bedfellows, still we may well be able to find the meeting ground between the two by remembering that what we offer up to others selflessly is only really worthwhile if we ourselves value what we offer.  Why give what doesn’t stir our pride?  What are our ideals worth if we don’t take pleasure in them?  How can we see a better world for all if we can’t see ourselves truly expressed in it?  These are the questions worth dreaming on tonight, pursuing answers like a dreaming cat with twitching paws…