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Tarot for December 17th, 2016: Ace of Cups


Today’s Tarot card is the Ace of Cups, an interesting balancing note to today’s Grand Fire Trine.

The Cups are the suit of water, intuition, and emotion.  The Moon is ruled by Cancer, a water sign, and its gravitational pull is known to affect the tides and theorized to affect our bodies and moods as well.  With today’s Moon being in the fire sign of Leo and all of today’s Lunar aspects being with planets in any element but water, we might forget that such an abundance of fire-touched activity still falls within the realm of water, and all of the boldness and spirited expression of the Leo Moon is still based in our emotions.

Leo governs the 5th house of self-expression, so a Leo Moon is then concerned with emotional self-expression, and that is right in keeping with the Ace of Cups.  But in order to really express what we feel, we have to get good and familiar with what it is that we do feel.  Emotions that are not allowed to flow freely are hard to identify, let alone understand and adequately express.  The Ace of Cups shows both water and the web of intuition and emotion overflowing in all directions, and shows us that now is the time for us to open ourselves to emotion, empathy, and sympathy, and allow ourselves to be vulnerable with others in order to both feel more deeply and have a greater understanding of what we feel.

It should also be noted that the Cup is a receptive symbol, associated with the “feminine” principle (though my own gender fluidity balks at seeing receptivity as a solely “feminine” trait).  In order to be filled with emotion, we may need to allow ourselves to be emptied of what we have felt before, approaching situations with a willingness to let go of the old and let the new flow through us unimpeded.  The Ace of Cups is not some outside force, but an inner capacity for emotional union and spiritual ecstasy, a sheer raw vitality that shines through us once we stop fighting our emotions and surrender to feeling.

Astrology of December 17th, 2016: Benevolent Leadership


The wee hours of this morning started today’s astrological activity with the Moon in Leo opposing Venus in Aquarius.  Venus in Aquarius is not necessarily comfortable there, since she is all about getting in close and Aquarius prefers to remain detached.  A Leo Moon opposing her is simply confronting her with this discomfort, since the Moon is in a passionate place much more suited to Venus’ style.  So, the day has started with a feeling of being at odds with passionate instincts and cool affections, a hot-and-cold exchange that may have made things a bit uncomfortable on the interpersonal front this morning.

That discomfort was followed and perhaps exacerbated some hours later by the Moon in bold Leo inconjuncting first Mercury in cautious Capricorn and then Pluto in Capricorn again, for a morning that has required careful balancing between what we say and what we feel, with tension between our instinct to take center stage and a need for control that suggests we’d be better off manipulating circumstances from behind the scenes.

This afternoon will hopefully ease that tension, however, with a trio of favorable Lunar aspects in steady succession.  First, the Moon in Leo sextiles Jupiter in Libra, magnifying our instincts toward Leonine grandeur and generosity with Jupiter in Libra’s own magnanimity and concern for social harmony.  Jupiter in Libra is a gracious ruler breathing rarified air, and his influence on our emotions and instincts during his contact with the Leo Moon encourages us all to be benevolent leaders in our own kingdoms.  We can afford to be tolerant and kindly today, even where we otherwise might not.

The Moon in Leo trines Saturn shortly thereafter, bringing Saturn’s steadying, disciplined influence to whatever visions of grandeur the Moon/Jupiter sextile may encourage.  This tempers our courage and desire for self-expression, making this afternoon a good time to get things done at a steady, leisurely pace.  After all, the king of the jungle is hardly ever in a hurry!  That is, until a trine from Uranus in Aries adds some electricity to our pace.  😉  That Moon/Uranus trine  and the Grand Fire Trine that it forms with Saturn in Sagittarius is a great way to finish out the afternoon and set the tone for an evening out among friends or exploring new scenes and ideas.  Uranus loves all things new and forward-thinking, after all, so if there’s someplace new where you’d like to make an impression with a little lordly help from the Leo Moon, tonight is the night!  Leonine confidence combined with Uranian curiosity and Saturnine caution to steady you give this night great potential to expand your own influence and enjoy the best of neighboring realms with the perfect mixture of spirited strength and self-assurance.