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Tarot for December 18th, 2016: The Star


Today’s Tarot card is (XVII) The Star.  Ruled by Aquarius, this card resonates well with Venus’ current placement in that sign.

The Thoth deck version of this card shows the long-haired figure of the Water Bearer with two vessels pouring forth crystalline streams with a lovely rose-coloured planet in the background and a star shining bright over all (bright enough that my phone camera had a hard time registering an image of this card without a dreamy halo of white all around it).  While the figure corresponds to the star goddess Nuit, her depiction here is fairly gender-neutral, which is appropriate for the forward-thinking nature of this sign, and though there are roses of love and butterflies of transformative hope being born from the lower stream, still there is a quintessential Aquarian detachment to the figure, who is turned away from the viewer, focused intently on the emerging seven-pointed star within the upper chalice that mirrors the star on the planet and the star in the heavens above, the seven-pointed star that is a symbol of Venus.

The Star is wish magic, a focusing not simply of mind or speech or action or any combination thereof, but more importantly a focusing of values, the realm of Venus.  What really matters to us?  What does our whole being yearn toward, body, mind, and soul?  Wish-craft isn’t simply idle curiosity expecting to bear fruit.  Wish-craft focuses deeply, and is mindful of the consequences of that wish for both self and society.  What we wish for doesn’t affect us in isolation – it reverberates from our consciousness and experience to that of others around us.  And what we take in, what we reinforce and believe, these affect the outcome of our wishes.  In order to have a chance of making what we wish for come true, we have to believe in the possibility of it coming true.  We have to trust that we live in a universe where it can come true.

Thus, The Star is about trust in the universe, trust in the cosmic order.  It shows when we are on the right path and lets us know that all will be well in the end.  And with this card being within the realm of Venus in Aquarius, both via the seven-pointed star imagery and its current appearance in the time of an Aquarian Venus transit, we are reminded that the process of manifestation inherent in wish-magic is a process of love.  Hope, faith, and help from unexpected sources all come forward through this card and the principles it invokes.  Now is a time in which our confidence can be bolstered and our interconnectedness affirmed in service of our goals.  We are encouraged to tap into our inner knowing, the sea of unconscious knowledge that ties us to our ancestors and all of humanity, and listen to our dreams.  The Star is our reminder:  Dreams can come true!

Astrology of December 18th, 2016: Clearing Away Clutter


I woke up today just before the Moon in Leo trined the Sun in Sagittarius.  Lately I’ve been finding that my sleep patterns seem to be altering themselves according to what’s going on in the sky.  One might think that this is some kind of self-fulfilling prophecy, except that typically I write the day’s astrological analysis on the day in question and don’t closely examine Lunar aspects until that day, and while I certainly look at major aspects in advance, my tendency with those is to see them in the context of the larger pattern, slowly moving into place, so I don’t usually think of them in advance in relation to a particular day.  So, I’m not certain why I’m seeing this correlation of my sleeping/waking cycles with astrological patterns, and I definitely need to do more observation before drawing any conclusions.

In the meantime, the Moon in Leo trining the Sun in Sagittarius certainly gives a bright feeling to the morning (even in the dark of the pre-dawn hours here on the West Coast).  Spirited confidence comes with both of the Luminaries trined in fire signs, our conscious and unconscious selves supporting each other and lending a joyful strength to both personal and social attitudes.  This is a time when we can feel like all is right within ourselves, and that feeling is contagious!

Which is good, because we’re going to need some joy to contend with potential crankiness caused a few hours later by the Moon in Leo opposing Mars in Aquarius.  Mars relates to our energy and drive, and is associated with aggression, ambition, and sexuality.  When Mars is at odds with the Moon, our emotions and instincts can become frustrated and hostile.  With Mars in the airy, detached realm of Aquarius, we may find that whatever is agitating us is oddly impersonal, but since air feeds fire that impersonal source isn’t likely to be any less disruptive to Leo’s fiery emotions, and may make us feel like a bonfire about to get out of control.  On the plus side, Mars is great for fueling action, so this is a good time for physical activities and exercise – a late morning workout could be the perfect way to blow off steam and redirect that fire into burning away lassitude.  Since the Moon/Mars opposition marks the beginning of a very short void-of-course period (just under an hour), it’s best not to use that energy to start anything important with, but unfinished projects in need of an energetic boost can definitely benefit.

That void-of-course period ends with the Moon entering earthy Virgo, and no other significant aspects mark the day.  The Moon in Virgo puts the focus of our instincts and emotions in a more logical space, concerned with fact-finding and problem-solving.  The Moon in Virgo is very interested in processes and components, as well as perfecting systems, but not so comfortable with actual emotions.  This means that you should be mindful of your nerves and take especially good care of your health at this time – now is the perfect time to tweak your diet and exercise routines.  It also means that this is a great time to clean, get organized, and tend to the time-consuming mundane tasks that might bore you to tears at other times.  With the Moon in Virgo you can clear away the clutter and get ready for Virgo’s ruler Mercury to station retrograde tomorrow.  The fewer distractions heading into this retrograde, the better!