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Tarot for December 22nd, 2016: Queen of Swords


The Queen of Swords is back again today, and given the giddy impulsiveness of this afternoon, perhaps we could use a bit of her cool-headed discernment right now.  Since she rules the first 20 degrees of Libra, and Jupiter is at 20 degrees of Libra with Uranus at 20 degrees of Aries opposing, there is the suggestion here that we need to use Jupiter’s magnifying powers to really see and learn the last of the Queen’s lessons thoroughly before Jupiter moves out of her realm on December 31st.

The Queen uses the intuitive side of her rational mind to see the truth of things in a way that others cannot.  She gets to the heart of a matter quickly and incisively, and she is not deterred by the manipulation of others.  She can be aloof with others until she gets to know them, needing to be certain of their motivations before she gives her loyalty.  There is a certain isolating quality to the Queen, who is often seen as a woman alone, particularly in the wake of personal loss.  Given that Jupiter is inconjunct Chiron now, and will be until the beginning of March, we may experience a sudden separation between now and then, and need to work through its aftermath.  There is a caution here not to become bitter or cynical in that process, as that is a potential flaw of the Queen.

Keep in mind that the Queen can be a person in our lives who embodies these qualities, or we ourselves can be the Queen, or in need of invoking her mindset at this time.  She is intensely individualist, strong of will, and graceful of movement.  The Queen of Swords is the ultimate problem-solver, and therefore we should invoke her capabilities when we have tough decisions to make, particularly those in which empathy toward others may cloud our judgement.  The Queen knows when it is time to weigh our options from a rational perspective, using our heads rather than our hearts.  She also knows the time for clear communication to cut through old patterns and confusion, and speaks with courage and conviction.  She liberates us from the mask of patriarchal culture shown in her hand in the Thoth deck’s version of this card, and helps us to throw off the shackles of indoctrination so that we can more clearly understand and expand the capabilities of our minds.  During the remainder of today’s Lunar void-of-course fog, we may need the Queen as our guide to cut through confusion and help us see clearly, and give us the calm advice we need to choose the best path forward.



Astrology of December 22nd, 2016: A Giddy Current


All of today’s astrological action happened during the first half of the day, with the second half of the day being a void-of-course period, and the aspects of the day have all been Lunar, so this is an outline of the influences on our instincts and feelings leading us into the afternoon and some suggestions about where we should go from there.  Chances are that these influences will linger in our subconsciousness for a little while longer moving into the afternoon until being scattered on the timeless tide of the void-of-course.

The day started out with an early morning square from the Moon in Libra to Pluto in Capricorn, creating emotional intensity when our more peaceable instincts bumped up against our desire to maintain control (or the illusion thereof) in relation to our goals.  Thankfully, that was followed shortly by the Moon trining Venus in Aquarius, putting our instincts and our affections in harmony, so even with the intensity of the Moon/Pluto square, the rough edges were hopefully smoothed out with Venusian friendliness.

Several hours later the Moon in Libra conjuncted Jupiter, and whatever we were feeling earlier may have gotten much bigger.  That multi-hour gap between aspects was a benefit that hopefully kept the Plutonian influence from getting too unruly, but let’s not make assumptions about the potential for lingering feelings to get blown out of proportion. However, the Moon/Jupiter conjunction was very shortly followed by the Moon sextiling Saturn in Sagittarius, bringing some support in the nick of time in the areas of self-discipline and boundary setting.

That said, the morning ended with the Moon in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries (a flipped version of a natal aspect I know all-too-well), bringing sudden changes of mood and the urge to seek out the new and unusual.  A bit of bravado may have come with this thanks to the current Aries posture of the cosmic rebel Uranus, so we would do well to use whatever remains of Saturnine caution to keep from diving headfirst into foolhardiness as we head into the afternoon.

The rest of the day is one long void-of-course period, so this is not a day for lofty new enterprises, contrary to what the remnants of that Moon/Uranus may suggest – even though we can try new things we should not build new foundations to projects we care about, or meet with new people we hope to depend upon in any way, as they are likely to turn out to be very different than whatever they seem like today.  Since the void-of-course Moon favors routine and the Moon/Uranus opposition favors anything but, this afternoon may struggle with regard to productivity at work, but it’s not a completely useless time. This is a great time for reviewing the status of projects, correcting mistakes, and finishing what we can before kicking up our heels for an impromptu gathering of friends, and once we no longer have any responsibilities to worry about we definitely should try new things!  That new restaurant we’ve been wanting to check out?  Perfect!  New games or creative experiments?  Definitely.  The void-of-course Moon is floating between its last aspect in Libra and its entry into Scorpio tomorrow morning, so we should join it and float through the current of giddy sociability and excitement that marks the entire second half of this day.