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Tarot for December 25th, 2016: Abundance


Today’s Tarot card is the 3 of Cups (Abundance), a lovely, auspicious card to go with today’s Venusian energy (nice to see it upright again!).

As noted when this card showed up reversed in early December, the 3 of Cups is the territory of Mercury in Cancer, opposite sign to Capricorn where Mercury is currently retrograde.  Cancer is all about emotional sensitivity and creating safe space in which to explore that sensitivity, and Mercury in Cancer has a prime role to play in that by thinking about and communicating about emotion.  By bringing emotions out into the open in this way, Mercury helps to establish that it is safe to express what we feel, that we are with others who can hear about and understand what we are feeling and are willing to be similarly vulnerable with us.  This establishes a connection between kindred spirits and helps to create a joyful, loving community.  Enough review?  Good.  😉

Now is a time for us to work toward finding or creating that kind of community for ourselves, if we don’t have it already, and for connecting gratefully with those who embody that community for us if we do have it.  It is also a time for us to be loving and gentle toward ourselves, especially when we have a hard time reaching out to people or talking about what we feel.  This is a card of a loving, feeling consciousness, and for a lot of us there can be some inhibition about embracing that.  If that is something that we have a hard time with, now is the time to think about that, not with recriminations toward ourselves or our loved ones, but rather in a spirit of developing our potential to grow past that, and learn to communicate with our loved ones in ways that nurture and uplift all concerned.  Keep in mind that healthy, loving communication about our feelings doesn’t come naturally to everyone; often it is a skill that needs persistent attention and will to develop.  Today is a good day to start that process.  🙂


Astrology of December 25th, 2016: A Bounty of Love

Most of the day is spent under a void-of-course Moon in Scorpio, but whether you’re celebrating Christmas or eating Chinese food and watching movies or starting your Hanukkah celebrations, chances are that you don’t have to do anything requiring a more active and outward focus, so this is a good day for it.  Plus, Venus livens up the day with some social congeniality by cozying up to Jupiter, Uranus, and Saturn at 20 degrees of their respective signs over the course of the morning.  Three supportive aspects with the personal planet of love, affection, and wealth sounds like a pretty good day to me!

The day did start out first thing in the wee hours with an inconjunct from the Moon in Scorpio to Uranus in Aries, but this is one of the few inconjunct types with a greater capacity to break through the inherent incomprehension between the two bodies in this placement due to the joint rulership of Aries and Scorpio by Mars.  For those who were awake at that time, there may have been a bit of agitation resulting, but since this was a Lunar aspect it is doubtful that any of that energy remains now.

What dominates the astrological news of the day is the trio of Venus aspects that happened over the course of this morning, which set a wonderful tone for the entire day and potentially carry over some good feelings into tomorrow as well, since these aspects are all between planets, and that means that they have more staying power than aspects formed by the more quickly-moving Moon.  First there was the trine between Venus in Aquarius and Jupiter in Libra, the Lesser Benefic and Greater Benefic of the Zodiac connecting in the most harmonious and supportive of aspects.  Love, affection, pleasure, wealth – all of these are in Venus’ domain, while Jupiter encourages wealth as well along with luck, generosity, and faith.  This is a major feel-good aspect that few others can compete with!  A sextile from Venus in Aquarius to Uranus in Aries followed, with the potential for the pleasurable feeling of the day to be accompanied by many “a-ha!” moments and a strong interest in trying new things, broadening our minds and experiences.  And finally, Venus sextiled Saturn in Sagittarius, the old Cosmic Taskmaster, who is apparently feeling more congenial this weekend after his trine with Uranus yesterday, and therefore gives some staying power to the fun and festivities today, and reinforces the ties that bind between family and friends in an unusually loving and enjoyable way.

The combination of all three of these aspects creates a wonderful balance between individual and group needs and interactions, and gives us an opportunity to mend and strengthen our connections with each other with a strong sense of fun and belief in each other, as well as genuine affection.

The one downside to the astrological love-fest is that Trans-Neptunian body Chiron is also at 20 degrees today in Pisces, and while it thankfully never forms an exact square with Saturn during this time (wait for spring for that!), it is still in a close enough orb to potentially dredge up some pain surrounding our relationships with father figures, especially those we have felt separated from, thanks to the simultaneous inconjunct formed by Chiron and Jupiter (also not exact, but still in close orb).  However, with Jupiter in such a strong supportive aspect with Venus, and Saturn being supported as well via the less powerful but still harmonious sextile with Venus, the parental figures of the Zodiac are emphasized today in an incredibly loving and accepting way, and that now gives us a beautiful opportunity for healing.  We now have the potential for any confrontation with our pain surrounding parental authority to be in the service of healing ourselves and our wounded relationships, deepening our affection for each other as a result of the limitations in our histories, even and sometimes especially the most difficult ones.

This is a day to enjoy and to strengthen our hearts with!  Bright Blessings to all of us and our loved ones, whether two-legged or four-legged.  🙂



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