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Astrology of December 27th, 2016: Feeding the Flames


This morning began with the Sun in Capricorn sextiling Mars in Pisces in the very wee hours, giving us a wonderful blend of steady, practical consciousness and gentle, spiritual, adaptable energy that should last throughout the day.  Which apparently we desperately need.  

Because this morning Carrie Fisher died.

I don’t normally write about my heroes when they die.  2016 has been a brutal year for celebrity deaths, mostly because in addition to those deaths we’ve had to experience some pretty traumatic socio-political upheavals on top of whatever nastiness the previous four years dished out (the June 2012 start to the Pluto/Uranus squares is my personal marker for when things really started to go to hell in a handbasket – YMMV), and as my uncle Sinan pointed out earlier today, the celebrity death factor is only going to get worse for those of us whose heroes first hit the public eye in the 60s and 70s.  I’ve been saddened by so many of them, though not in such a gut-wrenching way as this.

But Carrie Fisher is another matter.  It feels like 2016 took the gloves off with this one.  After Prince and George Michael died, we knew this year Death would have no qualms about taking our heroes young, but to grab someone who was a foundational figure in a mythology that shaped so many of our beliefs from an early age, and to do it right before the end of the year, on the same day as Richard Adams, that feels like a punch in the gut.

Carrie Fisher was my template for what a princess should be ever since I first saw Star Wars in the theater with my father in 1977 – strong and independent, fiercely loyal and dedicated to her people, leading from the trenches and never giving up.  A Libra Sun, Taurus Moon, and Capricorn Ascendant, Carrie Fisher’s karmic path was firmly planted in the 10th house of career and reputation via her North Node conjunct Saturn.  That Saturn in the 10th house placement is interesting to me, because Saturn rules the 10th house, but also shows us both our limitations and what we take seriously, where we exercise our discipline.  To my mind, it is one of the reasons why she was so capable of portraying Princess Leia as a true leader and a general, because that discipline shines through.  In addition, her Jupiter/Venus conjunction in the 8th house magnifies her legacy as a woman who positively influenced so many in my generation and those following, because it made her leadership qualities inseparable from her identity as a woman (along with her sense of humor!).

My own discipline tends to go out the window in times of grief, along with the greater portion of my eloquence, so I hope I will be forgiven if my writing is a little rough over the next few days.

Thankfully, the remaining astrological aspects of today are mostly benign, and all Lunar, so their influences are much more fleeting than the swarm of outer planet aspects we’ve had in recent days.

This afternoon sees a trio of lunar aspects in short succession:  the Moon in Sagittarius trines Uranus in Aries, then sextiles Jupiter in Libra, and then conjuncts Saturn in Sagittarius.  The influence of Uranus and Jupiter on our emotions today does reinforce yesterday’s Jupiter/Uranus opposition, and so for those of us who are still feeling a bit raw from that it would be wise to take a deep breath and recognize that our fluctuating moods and instincts will slowly even out with time and self-care, and now it’s important to give ourselves both.  On the plus side, we may be able to harness some of this frenetic energy to get things done, and the air/fire elements that these bodies are all in emphasize communication and action to work through what we’re feeling rather than silent stewing, but no matter how we experience and process this energy we need to be careful not to overdo it, as the risk of burnout is still pretty strong.  The Moon/Saturn conjunction can encourage depression, although in this trio of aspects it may provide a welcome stabilizing force.  Nonetheless, we would do well to have compassion for ourselves and our loved ones at this time, as regardless of how we regard the public deaths today, our emotions and instincts are feeling some tumultuous influences right now, supportive though these Lunar aspects may be, and we are not likely to have mild responses to that upheaval.  Our emotions are on fire right now, and outer planets in communicative signs are only feeding those flames.  

This evening, the Moon in Sagittarius sextiles Venus in Aquarius, a mild, pleasant influence that starts a void-of-course period that lasts until tomorrow morning.  Whether we spend this time together or alone, this aspect favors mental and creative pursuits, though I suspect that we will want to spend this time with others where possible.  In the face of so much death, it is good to reaffirm our connections and the life-force shared between us.

May the Force be with us all.


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