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Astrology of December 28th, 2016: Deep Thought and Persistence




We have a whole lot of activity in Capricorn today!

A void-of-course Moon in Sagittarius lingers for several hours this morning until the Moon enters Capricorn, and our emotions and instincts turn practical, oriented toward overcoming obstacles and achieving our goals, especially in areas related to career and social standing.

Toward mid-day the Sun in Capricorn conjuncts Mercury in Capricorn, the perfect placement to help us express ourselves clearly, whether in person or in written form, so now is the time to tend to letters, emails, bills, and paperwork, and have the conversations that we need to move our goals forward.  Since Mercury is still retrograde this means that the Sun’s light of consciousness is shining on the retrograde process of reviewing and reconsidering, so this is also a good time to make use of that process to double-check plans, details, contracts, and numbers and be certain that they are in alignment with both our intentions today and our goals for the future as we head into the New Year, as well as making sure that our goals are truly ours and truly what we want.

This afternoon Mercury in Capricorn sextiles Mars in Pisces, gently supporting the retrograde review process with sensitive, spiritual, adaptable energy, making us more inclined toward quiet reflection.  This evening the Moon in Capricorn conjuncts Mercury, so that our feelings and intuitions can further aid this reflective process, with a sextile from the Moon to Mars shortly thereafter gently reinforcing Mars in Pisces sensitivity.  This makes for a wonderful time to find ways over, around, and through barriers that previously seemed impassable.  Capricorn is known for its tenacity, and watery Pisces finds its way through the smallest cracks, so with the Moon in Capricorn making our instincts and emotions more patient and dedicated we can apply ourselves to solving problems requiring deep thought and persistence, including tasks we had previously dismissed as too difficult.  Given the sexual component of Mars energy, now is also a great time to socialize and flirt, with the Mars/Mercury sextile giving us the confidence to communicate about things we might have previously been too shy to address.

Tonight’s New Moon in Capricorn follows soon after that, giving us a great opportunity to get a jump on planning New Year’s resolutions, as the New Moon is the time best suited for setting intentions, and Capricorn is the sign most given to planning, goals, and achievement.  And with the deep-thinking capacity of the Sun/Mercury conjunction gently supported by the Mercury/Mars sextile, we are in a unique position to set unusually well-thought out-goals with a strong capacity for success.


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