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Tarot for December 29th, 2016: Change, reversed


Today’s Tarot card is the 2 of Disks (Change), reversed.  On the day that Uranus, the planetary embodiment of change, turns direct, this seems an interesting paradox.

The 2 of Disks falls within the realm of Jupiter in Capricorn.  Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign, where the Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Pluto are all currently residing.  Jupiter is currently within the realm of Libra, a cardinal air sign, which squares (challenges) Capricorn.  Capricorn is practical and goal-driven.  Libra is concerned with fairness and harmony.  While these areas of focus are not mutually exclusive, they can sometimes be hard to reconcile.  Capricorn has a reputation for being blunt.  Libra wants peace at all costs.  So, based solely on the current astrological weather we can see why the 2 of Disks has shown up turned on its head.  Our faith in practicality and pursuit of our own goals (and the change necessary to that) is being challenged by our desire to keep the peace.

But Uranus isn’t terribly interested in keeping the peace, especially not the highly individual and aggressive version of Uranus currently residing in Aries.  Uranus is the great rebel, the revolutionary, who electrifies us with sudden insights that shake us to our foundations, and may well destroy them.  And sometimes that destruction is necessary.

The Thoth deck’s version of this card shows a crowned serpent in the form of a figure eight, biting its own tail in ouroboros fashion, a symbol of change as an eternally continuing principle.  The serpent is also a symbol of healing and regeneration, as change is necessary to keep us from stagnating and we cannot heal without it.  The serpent is curled around two images that are similar to the Tao, but differently coloured, with alchemical symbols for one of each of the four (Western) elements in the center of each side.  Real change engages all elements, all levels of reality.

If change is so good then, why is it appearing here upside down?  Perhaps we are confronted now with situations that claim to be different, but are really just the same old shit, repackaged.  A sizable portion of what Mercury retrogrades are good for is reassessing situations in order to determine what isn’t actually helping us, and Mercury retrograde in Capricorn is especially good at ferreting out bullshit that isn’t practical or in service to our goals.  Jupiter in Libra is opposing Uranus in Aries right now, confronting Uranus’ will to change with the refrain “why can’t we all just get along?”  All of this together creates a loose T-square formation with the Sun moving into the squaring position to challenge both Jupiter and Uranus as the releasing point to their opposition, the referee between the two, closest to exact (but thankfully not quite!) toward the end of the 2nd week in January, which suggests that whatever “change” we are being asked to contemplate that isn’t actually change is going to come to a head at that time.  Keep in mind also that we’ve seen this card before on December 7th, in the same reversed position, so we may have already gotten a look at this situation then and didn’t quite process it fully at that time.

Now is the time to see where we are dragging our heels and being resistant to healthy change, allowing ourselves to be fooled by things that masquerade as change but aren’t.  As much as we truly want things to get better, they won’t if we don’t make the distinction between real change and more of the same old thing, so as much as it may pain us to put the brakes on right now, especially with Uranus’ urge toward change being so strongly emphasized, we need to take advantage of the current Mercury retrograde and examine our situation and our goals carefully, so that when Mercury turns direct on January 8th, we can make the right changes that we truly need, and not go off in the wrong direction entirely.


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Astrology of December 29th, 2016: A Liberating Force

Electric Bloom (digital art by Madame Ximon Dunedain)

The big news today is that Uranus turns direct in the very early morning hours.  This emphasizes all Uranian themes throughout the day – change, revolution, rebellion, freedom, technology, futurism, electricity, and sudden insight.  Where we’ve been chafing against restraints over the past six months may now suddenly find those bonds worn through to the point of snapping.  Since Uranus governs technology and electricity and we are still in the midst of Mercury retrograde, we would do well to be careful with vehicles, computers, gadgets, and machinery, especially where they concern communication and travel.  

Shortly after Uranus turns direct, a dreamy sextile between the Moon in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces attempts to smooth over the shock to the system that we may have experienced in our sleep with the rebel planet’s change in direction.  Given Neptune’s ties to the dreaming realms and Uranus’ insight into the future, we would do well to record any dreams we remember from this time.

In the afternoon/early evening, the Moon in Capricorn conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn, intensifying our emotions and instincts, and potentially leading to control issues and power struggles.  The wild Uranian energy crackling in the air today could easily generate a spark that ignites the powder keg at this time, as that unpredictability is exactly what is likely to get the Capricorn Moon’s goat and bring out all of its orneriness, and Pluto will make sure that goat doesn’t back down!

That orneriness and agitation will be uncomfortably reinforced by the Moon in Capricorn squaring Uranus toward the end of the day, as our goal-driven emotions and instincts bump up against that Uranian energy which may well be occupied with throwing a monkey wrench in the works of our best-laid plans.  Since Uranus is still opposite Jupiter, our rebelliousness has been recently amped up before being let loose to run amok, and while Jupiter’s position in Libra may remind us that there are still qualities in the social order worth preserving, Uranus will have our inner revolutionary tipping the balance wherever possible.

Our one real comfort in all of this is that change is necessary in a big way right now, and if we weren’t persuaded of that already over the past few months Uranus is going to make damn certain we see it now.  For those of us who have been waiting for the impetus to make change happen, this may well be the time to harness this liberating force and put it to use for the greater good.


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(All aspect times are calculated for Pacific Standard Time.  I tend to speak in broad terms when I reference time on this blog, referring to time-frames like “morning” or “afternoon” rather than specific times, since I still have a lot of friends on the East Coast who read these posts and I’d like them to be pertinent to those friends as well as folks here on the West Coast.  Readers from further abroad will need to adjust time-frames accordingly.)

Tarot for the New Moon in Capricorn, December 28th/29th, 2016: Wealth, reversed


Tonight’s Tarot card is the 10 of Disks (Wealth), reversed.  Since the New Moon appears near the witching hour tonight (before midnight on the West Coast and after midnight on the East Coast), and I have been emphasizing use of the New Moon for getting a jump-start on setting New Year’s resolutions as well as using the current Mercury retrograde in Capricorn to review and think deeply on our goals in preparation for making great changes in our lives during 2017, it seems appropriate to post a Tarot card now to consider as we move forward in setting our intentions for this lunar cycle and the year beyond.  Since lunar cycles visually embody a process of growing into fullness and then diminishing again, each New Moon represents an opportunity to set an intention which will grow with the waxing of the Moon until it is full, at which point the energy of that intention is ready to be disseminated into the world with Moon’s waning, until the Moon is dark again and a new intention is ready to be brought forth from the darkness.

The 10 of Disks falls within the realm of Mercury in Virgo, one of the two signs that it rules.  Since Mercury was already emphasized heavily in the past 24 hours, it might seem odd to see this card reversed, the energies of Mercury limited or blocked in some way, or at the very least expressed in an unusual manner.  But since we are right in the middle of Mercury retrograde, our activities in Mercury-related realms of thought and communication are being expressed differently at this time.  What’s more, because Mercury in Capricorn is given to slow, deep thought, the usual adaptable expression of Mercury in Virgo that addresses many details in quick succession might not be the best solution for us at this time.

The Thoth deck’s version of this card shows ten coins arranged in the form of the Tree of Life, a diagram of the process of the Universe coming into being and the central symbol of the Kabbalah system of esoteric Judaism that has informed much of Western occult thought.  The coins in the card are seen in the positions of the Ten Sephiroth, representations of different stages of energy in the process of manifestation, and with representations of the symbol of Mercury on the three highest of these the image emphasizes the need for thought and communication to guide the process of manifestation from the moment that its possibility is apparent.  The presence of the Tree of Life on this card indicates that material success is dependent on thought that starts first in the spiritual realms, and because the coins are shown representing each of the Sephiroth, it is evident that the card’s normal injunction is to attend to details in all areas of the process of manifestation in order to have complete success and wealth on all levels of material existence.

Tonight, however, perhaps we need to be less concerned with being quick-witted in multiple realms and instead put all of our eggs into one basket and watch that basket, as the saying goes, focusing on one crucial goal on which all others depend. We also need to be prepared for our material circumstances to be limited or take a turn for the worse before they take a turn for the better. And in thinking about our life path and expressing our goals, we need to be less concerned with obvious material matters and more concerned with the long-term hidden patterns that affect our world on the material plane.

Keep in mind that Virgo rules the 6th house of work, service, daily habits, and health. We may need to turn our usual routine upside down in order to see the results we desire. Given that “wealth” does not pertain solely to monetary matters or material possessions but also includes our physical well-being, our health may be compromised and needing to be tended to now before it gets any worse. Certainly the health of our planet is compromised and in dire need of attention, and just as the earth is plagued by a constant bombardment of toxins, so too are we, in our food, air, water, and the objects we create and use and keep close to us. And so long as we continue to avoid looking at and communicating about the problem, it will continue to grow until it consumes us all.

This Mercury-ruled card standing on its head isn’t just a warning though – it’s an opportunity. The same thinking that has gotten us here is not the kind of thinking we need to solve our problems. The 10 of Disks reversed is an invitation to think about our situations in different ways, seeing and being willing to consider and communicate about new possibilities for solving the problems confronting us.

The wealth of the 10 of Disks in its upright stage has reached a point of solidity that stagnates aunless change is induced under the auspices of Mercury, and the resources used so that their energy can move and be abundant rather than hoarded uselessly.  The 10 of Disks reversed demands a more fluid approach, an understanding of the malleability of real wealth, and a willingness to use our resources in service to a greater vision of wealth than the one which has poisoned our world so far.

Mercury is a trickster god, and in pursuit of wealth humanity has for a long time tricked itself into thinking that what we have been doing to our environment and our own bodies doesn’t matter. And while Mercury standing on his head may look like a clown, he is still the same powerful Magician capable of bringing anything into being through the use of thought and communication, and all of the resources connected by the two. Now is the time for us to similarly transform our own perspectives and see the abundance of possibilities that we had never previously considered. The New Year calls for a new path to wealth. Which direction will we choose?


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