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Astrology of December 30th, 2016: Moving Forward


The Moon in Capricorn squared Jupiter in Libra in the wee hours of this morning, amplifying our instincts and emotions especially in relation to conflicts between our needs in pursuit of our goals and our need for harmony with our partners and loved ones.  If you were asleep during this time, you might want to take note of any dreams that you experienced.

This afternoon/early evening, the Sun in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces, supporting our dreams with a consciousness willing to devote ourselves to achieving them, and our dreams making our daily realities more inspiring to navigate.  Now we see more possibilities, more connections, more opportunities.  We may have a sixth sense about where to exert our will next in pursuit of our goals, and may find a greater flow and ease to our actions in support of those goals.  With Mars in Pisces in between Neptune and the South Node at a near-conjunction to both, our energy and drive are in alignment both with our skills coming forward from the past and with our dreams and ideals, so our efforts will be more likely to yield results in line with our intentions.

This starts a short void-of-course period best suited to routine activities and finishing tasks, making plans, correcting problems, or spending time with close friends.  It is also a time that in combination with Mercury retrograde can have us in a bit of a fog for its duration, so we would be wise to be extra mindful of our surroundings during this time.

The Moon enters Aquarius this evening, becoming more socially conscious, more independent, more forward-thinking.  Analytical and inventive, Aquarius is ruled classically by Saturn and transcendentally by Uranus, so now is an excellent time to harvest the energies of both, since Uranus in Aries just turned direct yesterday and has been in a supportive sextile with Saturn in Sagittarius, forming a triangle of potential with Jupiter that can now be utilized on an instinctive, emotional level to move forward with change that is disciplined and mindful of the needs of both ourselves as individuals and society as a whole.  We can now see how the evolution of the individual is a means to the evolution of the whole of humanity, and how our own evolution is necessary to help our world to evolve.  The Moon’s connection to our unconscious increases the sense of collective knowledge regarding this lesson.  What we do with it remains to be seen.