Astrology of December 5th, 2016: Time to Heal

Most of today is under a void-of-course Aquarian Moon, with the last two Lunar aspects occurring in the wee hours of early morning:  the Moon conjuncting Mars first thing in the day and then sextiling Uranus in Aries a few hours later.  While some residual energetic oomph and perhaps even a bit of agitation may have lingered into the beginning of some people’s days in United States time zones, for the most part it is a quiet day from an astrological standpoint, with the Moon entering Pisces later in the evening, and no further alignments until tomorrow.

Just as well for me.  The Metaphysical Market was full of some lovely people, but it was freezing cold, and sitting at a reading table for eight hours with no heat is a pretty destructive recipe for someone like me with a cocktail of chronic, genetic, and autoimmune disorders.  I am still feeling the effects today and most likely will for a few days to come.  Hence, the delay in this posting.

In keeping with the void-of-course Moon, now is the time to get old business finished, and wait until tonight or tomorrow before starting anything new.  Under tonight’s Piscean Moon, which encourages us to be kind to ourselves and others, I suspect I will be doing a bit of hibernating, or maybe catch up with an old friend, but not much else – a Pisces Moon is a good time to heal.

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