Tarot for December 5th, 2016: 6 of Swords


Today’s Tarot card is the 6 of Swords, Science.

Mercury in Aquarius governs the 6 of Swords.  The fact that it will be a couple of months before Mercury enters Aquarius simply underscores the future-minded quality of this card.  Mercury in Aquarius is conscious of the future and of technology, and has both Uranian insight and Saturnine planning skills to get to the desired outcome.  Mercury in Aquarius also sees the necessity of bringing in different points of view to create the best plan for achieving forward-thinking goals.  In the Thoth deck’s version of this card, we see six swords of differing colours but equal length and quality meeting at the center of the rosy cross, representing in this case harmony and concern for social order.  Here intellect and morality are equally blended along with the self-awareness that is required in order for each member of this gathering to contribute fairly and with the best capability.

Aquarius is a sign known for sociability and an interest in new ideas.  While today’s void-of-course Moon has been precluding the kind of social planning that the 6 of Swords implies, tonight’s entry of the Moon into Pisces may help get us back on track in harmonizing with other minds to plan for a better future, but it is more likely asking us to be mindful of our own internal path to harmony, to gather the parts of our own consciousness into a more cohesive and comprehensible whole.  Keep in mind that the path toward a better future is not without struggle – the cross is a symbol of suffering, after all.  But with Mercury in Aquarius, our struggles can be examined with detachment, understood on an intellectual level unclouded by emotional bias.  Given the emotional quality of a Pisces Moon, that seems unlikely to happen easily or naturally, but it is worth aiming for nonetheless.  Regardless, Aquarius and Pisces being the last two signs of the zodiac and therefore both having a high capacity for understanding does seem conducive to greater self-awareness, and so that may be the path toward success that the 6 of Swords is emphasizing most tonight.  The 6 of Swords shows a willingness to learn from our past mistakes and difficult experiences, and the eventual success that results from applying knowledge hard-won.

It’s been a rough few years for a lot of us, and 2016 the roughest so far.  We can learn from those experiences rather than being beaten down from them, and the 6 of Swords shows us the way to come out on top of the lessons of 2016 as we prepare to tackle 2017.  Now is the time to put past adversity to work for us.


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