Tarot for December 4th, 2016: Feeling What We Feel


The Tarot card for today is the Queen of Cups.

The Court cards in Tarot are all combinations of elements – there is the core element represented by the suit (in this case cups) and another element through the lens of which that core element is viewed, specific to the Court figure of the card (in this case the Queen).  The Queen’s element is water, so the Queen of Cups is water of water, emotions and instincts viewed through the lens of emotions and instincts.  In other words, the Queen allows herself to feel what she feels according to what her feelings tell her – she does not rationalize about what she feels or try to make her feelings conform to outside parameters.  She lets her feelings flow through her as they are without judging them, simply feeling them and being aware of what she feels, and then letting them flow past once she is done feeling them.  No holding on to what she felt before.  No ruminating on the past.  She is always present with what she feels.

This is of particular interest today in view of the Moon’s placement in Aquarius, which as I mentioned yesterday can have trouble understanding emotions.  When confronted with emotions that we don’t understand, sometimes the most important thing to do is to simply allow ourselves to feel them before trying to decide what they are or what to do about them.  We can’t know what something is if we don’t allow ourselves to experience it.

Today is a day where we may want to think or do more than feel.  But our emotions and intuitions and knee-jerk reactions are still there, still happening whether we want them to or not.  Given the possibilities for spirited connections and the rapid changes that air and fire together can elicit today, the Queen asks that we take the time allow ourselves to feel and not judge or hinder ourselves from that process.  This doesn’t mean that we have to emote all over the place, but simply be conscious of what we are feeling and when and how.  There is a whole world within that shouldn’t be forgotten when we are expanding our attention outward, as today encourages us to do.  As the Queen follows her own intuitions in being open to her feelings, so we can include ourselves in our openness to today’s wider horizons.

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