Tarot for December 19th, 2016: Strength


Today’s Tarot card is the 9 of Wands (Strength).  We’ve already seen this card pop up once this month, and given that we are approaching the end of the Sun’s time in Sagittarius, it may seem a little odd to see it again so soon.  But perhaps it is fitting that we be reminded that Spirit is with us, and no matter how deep the darkness surrounding us becomes, we can and will be victorious.

As mentioned previously, the Thoth deck’s version of this card has both the Sun and the Moon on the central wand, so that both luminaries are united in their expression of Sagittarian fire, conscious and unconscious, masculine and feminine principles acting together equally.  Especially now during the third decanate of Sagittarius, the 9 of Wands invokes unity, as well as triumph over adversity.

The final degrees of any sign emphasize learning its last remaining lessons before we embark on a new sign and a whole new mode of experience.  The honest, free-spirited, idealistic, impetuous spirit of Sagittarius is a vital life-spark that we need to carry forward with us into the dark and cold of Capricorn season.  Being ruled by Jupiter means that Sagittarius wants to take ideas and run with them, expand on them, even overdo them in the quest to really experience them.  Now is the time to delve into the deeper meaning of things, to make sure that our horizons are as broad as we can make them.  It’s also a time to be social and fun, lest we forget as we enter 2016’s last Mercury retrograde today, with its intense Plutonian overtones.  The Sagittarian urge toward understanding is a useful push-off into that retrograde, as the mental reviewing characteristic of retrogrades unveils new layers of meaning and gives new insights for the centaur to pursue, and that in turn helps us learn the lessons of the retrograde with more hope and less resistance.

Now is the time to shake off doubts, bolster our courage, and go forward to meet uncertainty knowing that our conscious and unconscious minds are aligned with Spirit toward the same purpose, and we have the willpower to succeed.

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