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Tarot for January 5th, 2017: Lust, reversed


The Tarot card for today is (XI) Lust, reversed.

Given the intensity of the Lunar aspects for today, perhaps this card is asking us to dial it back a bit, at least for today.  That said, whether reversed or not this card draws our attention to issues of wholeness, and what we choose to embrace or reject about ourselves, which of course expands to include what we embrace or reject about others as well.

This card in the Thoth deck replaces the traditional “Strength” card, which typically shows a young woman (often dressed in white) gently holding the jaws of a lion, with the implication that her compassion for the beast is what allows her to calm him and remain unharmed by him.  Crowley‘s version of this card was altered significantly from the traditional version for a variety of reasons, but the most important one for our purposes today is that the woman does not simply have some sweetly sanctimonious compassion for the beast, but rather she recognizes the beast within herself.  She has chosen to look at, recognize, and accept all of the most seemingly unlovely and unlovable parts of herself, and embrace them, knowing the truth of her whole self rather than just some prettified, watered-down image suitable for public consumption.  In wholeness there is power.  We see the woman on this card in a state of ecstasy, reveling in the fullness of herself and the fullness of life.

Thus, Strength is transformed into Lust, as in lust for life.  This card is about finding our vitality through finding our whole selves.  Eternally hiding who we are out of fear of our shadows is exhausting, and more often than not, fruitless.  The truth will out – King Midas has ass’ ears, as the story goes – and what we deny tends to rule us from the shadows, as many a disgraced politician finds out when their hidden proclivities come to light via media scandal.  If we truly wish to change ourselves for the better, we won’t do so successfully through denial, as many a starvation dieter can attest.  We need to see ourselves for who we are and love ourselves fully, warts and all.  Loving the denied and neglected parts of ourselves creates the possibility of dialog with our rejected self, so that it no longer lashes out in an effort to be heard.  We stop sabotaging ourselves when we listen to ourselves, and give our hidden weaknesses (or strengths!) room to be heard and understood.  These hidden parts of ourselves can become assets, if we stop trying to bury them and allow ourselves to see where they can help us.  We need to trust in ourselves, both the strengths that we normally rely on and the weaknesses that may pull through where our strengths cannot.

Reversed, this card suggests that we are currently not trusting ourselves.  We may be desperately trying to hide or deny some part of ourselves, and we sap our strength by doing so.  Our energies and passions may feel at an all-time low (especially with fiery Mars’ current position in watery Pisces), and we may find ourselves just slogging along through our days.  But life is not meant to be survived – it is meant to be LIVED!

Perhaps today’s jumble of Lunar aspects can be useful after all, helping us to break through the greyness and remember our passion, even if it takes some difficulty to wake up from our slumber.  Lust is ruled by the fixed fire of Leo, and that deep fire can be sparked under the cardinal fire of today’s Aries Moon, which is unafraid to be passionate because Aries as newest sign is non-judgemental, eager for experience and adventure.  In our passions we find our strength, experiencing life fully and richly, in complete awareness of the moment.  Our hearts are meant to feel fully, not cower in the dark!  As per Crowley, “let Love devour all things!”


Astrology of January 5th, 2017: Needing Balance


I wish I could say that today is going to be an easy day, but I can’t.  Given all of the inspiring aspects that we’ve had during the past couple of weeks, the scales had to be balanced some time, and apparently that time is now.  Of course, the scales are getting balanced by an intense series of Lunar aspects hitting our emotions and instincts, so we may wind up feeling mighty unbalanced in the process before the day is done.

The day started off well enough in the very wee hours, with Uranus in Aries trining Juno, the asteroid of covenant relationships in Sagittarius, creating harmony between our individual impulses toward change and our ability to navigate mature partnerships and keep them in alignment with our ideals and personal freedom.  A few hours later, Venus in Pisces conjuncted Pallas in Pisces, enhancing our ability to enjoy navigating the patterns and networks of interconnected ideas in our lives, and to do so with flow and ease, which makes for a nice progression from the Uranus/Juno trine.

Mid-day the tension begins with the Moon in Aries squaring the Sun in Capricorn, which wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t followed soon after by the Moon squaring Pluto in Capricorn.  Any time the Moon tangles with Pluto in a challenging aspect, emotions get amped up and we can wind up feeling out of control.  In this case, the Moon being in Aries can lead to fiery tempers under the best of circumstances, and facing down a square aspect with Pluto in Capricorn means that we may find our desires being thwarted by social structures and responsibilities that we would rather throw out the window now.  And following on the heels of the Moon/Sun square, both our conscious and unconscious selves are on alert, which heightens the impact.

The impatience of this Moon is likely to be increased this evening as the Moon conjuncts Uranus, the master of sudden upsets.  Any stability we’ve managed to maintain during this afternoon’s tussle with Pluto is likely to find the rug pulled out from under us, and our emotions may land us on a roller-coaster ride we did not sign up for!  On the plus side, Aries is already a master of anticipating and reveling in newness, so this conjunction could have pleasant surprises in store for us as well.  Of course, it’s followed within a couple of hours by the Moon opposing Jupiter, which magnifies whatever we’re feeling, so at that point whatever ride we’re on is likely to be a big one.

Thankfully, a half-hour later Saturn in Sagittarius gives us something solid to hold onto via a trine to that errant Aries Moon, so the evening ends feeling a little less likely to fly out of our seats!  Late-night tonight is thus a good time to catch our breaths, and feel some support from the Universe after the intensity of the day.


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