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Tarot for January 24th, 2017: The Empress, reversed

Today’s Tarot card is (III) The Empress, reversed.  Given the political shenanigans of the week thus far, that probably comes as no surprise, but it’s still worth exploring further.

The Empress represents the core of the divine feminine, all of the abundance and raw, creative power of Mother Earth.  She is not the first female figure in the Major Arcana – that would be (II) The Priestess – but she is more fully female than The Priestess, who combines both masculine and feminine principles and like (I) The Magician, can be seen as more of a sacred Androgyne as a result.  The Empress fully owns her female power.  In the Thoth deck, she is shown with one arm in a receptive position and the other hand holding the (apparently phallic) stem of the lotus, the emblem of love held over her heart; all other symbols on the card are oriented toward “feminine” qualities of love, creativity/procreation, intuition, protection (via the shield), and self-sacrifice (via the image of the pelican nourishing her brood with her own blood).

This is the card of the Supreme Mother, she who generates all of the resources that (IV) The Emperor will put to use via his ordering capacity.  Keep in mind that he cannot use any of those resources unless she permits it; all sovereignty proceeds from The Empress, and she can just as easily take it away again.  This is an ancient principle, that of the king who is married to the land, and cannot rule without her approval.  It is a principle that would-be rulers of this age would do well to remember.  For what happens to those who take the Earth’s resources by force, depleting her creative capacity?  Starvation, disease, pollution, natural disasters, rising tides and droughts resulting from climate change…  A ravaged land yields no kingdom worth ruling.

The Empress reversed is definitely pertinent in today’s astrological environment via tonight’s combined alignments of the two personal planets related to gender, Mars and Venus.  Mars and Venus are both currently in Pisces, emphasizing connection through universal experiences of our masculine and feminine energies.  Mars tonight trines Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio, the rejected feminine of Lilith in the nocturnal sign of Mars’ rulership, encouraging our active, masculine drive to dive deep down into the waters of repressed wisdom, to uncover all of our most intense and difficult beliefs about gender roles and interactions, and integrate the wisdom we find.  Venus tonight conjuncts Chiron in Pisces, the trans-Neptunian object that brings us face-to-face with our deepest pain, the wound that we cannot heal for ourselves but can help heal in others through the insights gained from our own suffering.  These two aspects come late tonight, just eleven minutes apart, and this combination suggests the potential for deep connection around gender and sexuality at this time, and a re-examination of our relationship to the feminine at a time when the feminine is under serious attack.  We cannot effectively fight against misogyny when we do not acknowledge how deeply internalized it is in ourselves.  No matter what our gender identities or sexuality, we cannot be complete beings without experiencing the full spectrum of masculine and feminine energies and acknowledging the damage that has been done and continues to be done to both men and women in the name of subordinating female power.

We also need to recognize the myths surrounding motherhood that are used against us, the ideals of sacrifice and loss of identity in service of baby-making for the sake of feeding the corporate machine rather than truly nurturing family and community.  In an over-populated world, forcing people to bear children they cannot support either emotionally or financially is an abusive power-dynamic that has nothing to do with “family values” and everything to do with control.  Expecting mothers to give up everything for their children without community support just adds insult and further injury to the heap of systemic abuse.

The Empress is a card of Venus, who governs what we love, what we take pleasure in, and what we value.  Seen upended here, our true values are being subverted by false equivalencies through our collective virgin-whore complex, our punitive attitude toward sex and treating children as punishment for pleasure rather than valued beings in their own right, and our commodification of women and sexuality in service to the very system that seeks to destroy female power and mold women into frantic consumers eternally in search of the next product to make us appear (artificially) beautiful and acceptable, confining our image of “good” women to a very tiny cage and condemning any woman who wishes to live outside of it.  This tangled nest of chains imprisons men as well, fostering unhealthy relationships both internal and external, forcing men to conform to toxic ideals of masculinity for fear of being lumped in with the undesirable feminine and similarly disempowered.

After this past weekend’s powerful expression of feminine unity through Women’s Marches around the world, we should not be surprised at the backlash, both now and in the months to come.  Recognizing where our own relationship with the divine feminine has been injured and needs healing is the first step toward resisting that backlash and reclaiming our own power as complete beings, regardless of gender.

Astrology of January 24th, 2017: A Sense of Determination

As soon as the day began in the wee hours the Moon in Sagittarius sextiled Jupiter in Libra, starting the morning with fleeting idealistic feeling that has faith in both ourselves and other people, especially those with whom we form close partnerships.  Hopefully some of that feeling permeated our dreams, because we may have needed that boost as the morning progressed through a bit of rocky territory.

A couple of hours later the Moon conjuncted Saturn in Sagittarius, turning our feelings a bit more somber.  We became instinctually aware of our limitations, and our fears and insecurities may have taken hold, especially in the wake of challenges to our ideals in the early morning hours.  Those of us already inclined toward depression were likely to have gotten hit with an extra dose of it, and may well have wished to stay in bed for a few hours longer rather than face the day with such a grim outlook.  Thankfully, like all Lunar aspects, this one was fleeting, despite Saturn’s tendency toward longevity, and hopefully we are all out of its grip by now.

Later in the morning (right while I am writing this), the Moon in Sagittarius squares Mars in Pisces, potentially amplifying our drive but also increasing our frustrations, as our emotions and instincts are in a fiery sign being challenged by our energy and aggression in a watery sign.  The Moon turns void-of-course at this time, which may dull some of the sharp edges of this influence, but can also create confusion with what to do with these energies.  Now is a good time to focus on routine tasks, despite any feelings of our energies being at-odds with our instincts.  We may find ourselves wanting to do more than we have the energy for at this time, so it’s important to be patient with ourselves now, and use the insights of this time to organize and correct what we can until this afternoon, when the Moon enters Capricorn, bringing more strength of purpose to our feelings and instincts, especially where our goals and reputation are concerned.

The Moon in Capricorn is driven, dedicated, and can even be prone to a touch of fanaticism in pursuit of its goals, so now is definitely a good time to start getting things done, especially in favor of our careers and long-term goals.  We’ll be far more inclined toward practical pursuits now, far less inclined toward day-dreaming (unless of course that daydreaming is really planning!), and because of the discipline of this sign this is a great time to work on adjusting and reinforcing desired habits and systems, both those in need of revision and those we are just starting.  We are more likely to desire recognition for our efforts, while understanding that we need to earn that recognition, so this is a good time to take note of what we want most in terms of career and reputation, create a plan to achieve it, and start taking the necessary steps to fulfill our goals.

The Moon in Capricorn trines the North Node in Virgo later this evening, creating ease and flow between what we feel and our karmic purpose, feeding into our sense of determination and helping us toward our goals, assuming that they are truly ours and not just what we are doing because it is expected of us.  For those of us whose career and social position are not in alignment with our soul’s needs, now is a time when the Universe may give us a gentle nudge in the right direction, so pay attention to what stirs your heart and soul tonight, and what possibilities and opportunities present themselves, as making good use of opportunity is Capricorn’s stock-in-trade.

This is followed by Mars in Pisces trine Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio late in the evening, followed immediately by Venus in Pisces conjuncting Chiron in Pisces.  This combination creates a state of flow between our masculine side and the wisdom to be gained through intensity and delving into mystery, while simultaneously our feminine side is being transformed from the ground up by our pain and old, ingrained injuries coming to the surface.  This may result in some messy and difficult experiences and realizations, but the Capricorn Moon is good for helping us to see the silver lining in these and make good use of what we learn, though it may find the emotional depth of these placements in watery signs to be at odds with more practical desires.  Still, we should be willing to apply some of that Capricornian devotion to our inner landscapes tonight, and blend practicality with compassion for ourselves and others navigating the darkness at this time.  There is a great potential for spiritual progress to be made and rich rewards in strengthening our intuitive and emotional connections if we are willing to face our hurts now and start to apply our hard-won wisdom.


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