Astrology of January 16th, 2017: Applying Wisdom

 Intensity - Dark

It’s been a couple of days since I’ve posted here, mainly because the combination of cooking for the midnight Aether Revolt MtG Pre-Release event at The Temple Games on Friday night/Saturday morning and then taking the train to New York to read Tarot for the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors Full Moon Gathering on Saturday night with numerous readings the following day left little time for writing (though I did get a new divinatory drawing done at Art Church on Sunday, which unfortunately will have to wait until mid-week when I get home to my scanner to be unveiled).

Meanwhile, the heavens have been fairly benign over the weekend, with no planetary activity on either Saturday or Sunday.  Saturday saw three supportive Lunar aspects to the outer planets in the current Triangle of Potential (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus) beginning a lengthy void-of-course period followed by the Moon entering Virgo and then shortly thereafter trining Virgo’s ruler Mercury, which gave a good mental emphasis to the night with attention to detail and process.  Sunday had only three notable Lunar aspects, with the Moon conjunct to the North Node in the wee hours of the morning and then opposing Neptune and Venus in Pisces in the afternoon and evening.  The North Node conjunction set the tone for the day with an emphasis on the process of growth in connection with our karmic path, while the opposition to Neptune and then Venus in Pisces emphasized intuitive connections and possibly a bit of escapism after whatever truths that North Node conjunction may have revealed earlier.

I’m now on the train from New York heading back to Rhode Island for a couple more days before I fly home to the Pacific Northwest, so I’ve got a little time to write about the astrological weather for the day before I change trains, which is good because it’s a fairly active day.

The Moon in Virgo started things out this morning with a trine to Pluto in Capricorn, which gave our emotions and instincts some intensity and drive.  Moon/Pluto connections can heighten the risk of control issues rearing their ugly heads, but the trine aspect creates ease and flow, so even where our inner control-freak showed up this morning chances are that it actually helped to get things done and done right rather than bogging down in power struggles.  Several hours later the Sun in Capricorn sextiled Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio, adding to the intensity of the morning, but again in a supportive manner, adding focus and wisdom from hidden sources to the mix.

Shortly thereafter the Moon in Virgo opposes Mars in Pisces, and things may start to get a bit testy as a result – under this influence our emotions and instincts become aware of our more aggressive side, though with Mars in Pisces that aggression is more likely to be passive-aggressive.  Tempers may flare, especially when our desire to go with the flow bumps up against unconscious perfectionism.  With the Moon in Virgo opposing Chiron in Pisces very soon thereafter, flaring tempers may turn to hurt feelings and reveal old wounds in need of healing.  While the fact-finding and critical side of the Moon in Virgo may make us disinclined to be sympathetic to the seemingly impractical needs of old wounds right now, still Virgo is very conscious of processes of growth and healing, and even if the timing seems off, the progress that can be made by working through these issues now is not something to be taken lightly.

This afternoon, the Moon in Virgo squares Saturn in Sagittarius, and now perhaps the intensity and aggravation and hurt we’ve been working through may get bogged down in depression, insecurity, and even anxiety or fear.  The best way that we can navigate this is to focus on working steadily, accepting our limitations and not despairing when they necessitate imperfect results, and recognizing that whatever dark moods may be generated by this aspect shall soon pass.

This evening Mars in Pisces conjuncts Chiron in Pisces, so that our drive and aggression is confronted by our injuries and pain, and there can be some rough lessons involved, especially for those of us eternally pushing ourselves to be superhuman.  This is a time to be extra careful in the use of our bodies, particularly for athletes, and it would be a very good idea to tend to our health tonight.  Chiron may reveal our pain but he also gives us the capacity for learning from it and passing that wisdom on to others, so it’s definitely worthwhile to harness the Virgo Moon’s attention to detail and concern for health during this time.  And with the Moon sextiling Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio toward the end of the night, this is a good time to uncover hidden causes for our weaknesses and sensitive spots, and glean all the wisdom that we can from this time.

The day ends with a trine from the Moon in Virgo to the Sun in Capricorn, creating greater ease and flow between our conscious and subconscious awareness, which increases our capacity to understand the lessons of the day and apply the wisdom gained.  It may have been a rough day emotionally, but not without its rewards.

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