TUESDAY, JULY 14, 2020

Astrology of January 17th, 2017: Prioritizing Harmony

The day began with the Moon void-of-course in Virgo, starting from last night’s trine from the Moon to the Sun around the witching hour.  In the early morning hours the Moon left the detail and process oriented earthiness of Virgo and entered airy Libra, giving our emotions and instincts a more social focus.  Personal relationships, especially partnerships, are now emphasized, as well as a desire for peace and social harmony.  Libra is ruled by Venus and has refined tastes as a result, so we are likely to have a greater appreciation for the finer things in life at this time, and should be careful not to overindulge in the process of that appreciation.

Libra is particularly desirous of harmony because this sign is so easily thrown off by disruptive influences, so there is a strong potential to feel easily unsettled during this Moon, and that potential was given a kick-start this morning by Jupiter in Libra opposing Eris, the goddess of Discord, in individualistic Aries.  This is the first of three exact oppositions between these bodies this year, and among other things it is likely to heighten our awareness of the hypocrisies that Libra all-too-often puts up with in the name of peaceful relations.  Eris is having none of those!  And since Jupiter magnifies whatever he touches, our awareness of discordant situations is heightened, and our BS detectors may well be triggered with uncomfortable frequency.  Keep in mind also that with these slow-moving outer planets and dwarf planets the energetic environments that we associate with aspects between them last long before and after the day that they become exact, so chances are that we’ve been feeling the build-up to this for a while, and will feel it for some time to come.  Today’s Libra Moon just happens to make it more noticeable on the emotional and instinctual level, rather than on the trans-personal level normally associated with outer planets.

This was followed toward midday by the Moon in Libra squaring Mercury in Capricorn, potentially leading to communication missteps and frayed tempers, as Mercury in Capricorn tends to err on the side of bluntness, and the Moon in Libra is already likely to feel more sensitive than usual and really doesn’t want to deal with any more conflict.  That said, Librans are remarkably good at giving advice, and if we are mindful of our unconscious desires to smooth things over at the expense of goal-oriented communication, we may be able to work with the challenge between these two to come up with some truly masterful ways of navigating our career and social channels diplomatically without losing sight of our end goals.  This is not likely to be easy, but will be rewarding if we are up to the challenge, especially since Mercury trines the North Node in Virgo this afternoon, which creates greater flow and ease between our thoughts and communication and our karmic path, and makes it likely that whatever we are awkwardly trying to say without stepping on too many toes really does need to be said if we are ever to live up to our true purpose and create the lives we truly want for ourselves.

The last notable aspect of the day appears in the early evening when the Sun in Capricorn opposes Vesta in Cancer.  This leads to a greater awareness of the polarity between career and family, material manifestation and emotional security, and asks us to consider where we put our focus and what is sacred to us.  Vesta’s sacred flame in domestic Cancer holds up a small mirror to the Sun in the devoted sign of Capricorn, reminding us to tend to the home fires and be mindful of our space, both physical and emotional.  Given the Libra Moon’s concern with balance, this is an especially good time to work on integrating the lessons of this opposition, understanding that each of these parts of our lives can have fair and equal time if we are willing to make this harmony a priority.


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