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Astrology of February 1st, 2017: Depth and Heart

Today’s astrological action gets off to a late start, with no significant aspects until this afternoon when the Moon in Aries sextiles the Sun in Aquarius.  The Moon in Aries is headstrong enough that it might be just as well not to throw too many other heavenly bodies in the mix, as Aries isn’t too keen on accepting outside influence or advice, instead wanting to go it alone, full of courage (or foolhardiness) and a pioneering spirit.  Our emotions and instincts may well have done some trailblazing this morning, but could just as easily have bruised a few egos along the way, so the Moon’s sextile to the Sun this afternoon is a helpful reminder of our more social inclinations, and may help us to put our heroic impulses in service of a greater cause.  

Later in the afternoon, Venus in Pisces trines Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio, pulling us back out of the wind and fire of Aquarius and Aries for a dip in the dark pool of our intuition.  This is a deeply sensual and knowing influence, when our affections and pleasures take a turn toward the intense, and we may well wonder what hit us.  We are likely to be drawn to the mysterious and the forbidden at this time, and are not likely to take kindly to anyone wishing to hold us back from what we desire.

With Mercury in Capricorn sextiling Chiron in Pisces, whatever the Venus/Black Moon Lilith trine has beckoned us toward is likely to stir up hidden pains, especially those connected to our affections and spiritual yearnings, but the Mercury/Chiron sextile gives us a tailor-made time to give deep thought to what we are feeling and learn from what insights we may discover, and if possible, now is the perfect time to share these feelings with someone we trust.  The combined wisdom and connection that we may gain from such confidences will be well-worth whatever pangs first stirred us to think and speak about them.

Which is a blessing, since the night does not end gently, but dives into a square between the Moon in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, intensifying our emotions in challenging ways.  We may find ourselves in the grip of fears about the larger forces in our lives, our government and other institutions that our current fiery instincts feel confined and oppressed by.  Our hearts are wild, young punks under this influence, railing against authority, while frightening and potentially abusive powers tighten their grip around us.  Our hearts may rage while our minds wonder what the hell is going on, or we may simply feel restless and deeply uneasy without really knowing the source of those feelings, but we should be mindful that they are a symptom of a larger process of transformation that clutches us all, and while tonight’s influence may be fleeting that larger process is something that we must find a way to face for the next several years.

For many of us, this will resurrect our personal demons from the time of the Pluto/Uranus squares that stretched from 2012 to 2015, a time that we hoped we’d left behind us.  This is just a small reverberation from that time, but it carries with it a warning for the future.  The Aries Moon wants us to be courageous, while Pluto in Capricorn brings us face-to-face with our deepest fears regarding our society and authority.  But real courage is not an absence of fear, but rather the willingness to go forward to meet that fear and whatever grim forces have inspired it, and bring some resolution to it whether by battle or by some kinder means.  Now is the time to face what we fear most, knowing our mortality and frailty and the strength of the forces arrayed against us, but not yielding to them without a damned good fight.

In the Pagan year, we have come to the time of Imbolc, a time of purification and testing, when nature determines what is strong enough to survive, and what is too weak to live through the remnants of winter until spring.  The Moon/Pluto square’s influence will pass with the night, but what we learn from it may well continue to hold sway into the future.  Since we are in the first quarter of the Moon now, the lessons that we learn at this time are part of the energy building toward the Full Moon, when whatever wishes we held at the New Moon come to their fullness and are released into the world.  Imbolc is a time sacred to Brigid, the goddess of inspiration and smithcraft, and we will need whatever tempering she bids us endure in facing our fears tonight to fight for our desires in the coming weeks and months, and bring them into reality, no matter the odds.


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