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Astrology of February 2nd, 2017: Big Talk

The majority of today’s astrological activity happens in the morning, starting off before sunrise as the Moon in Aries conjuncted Uranus in Aries, creating a fair degree of emotional and instinctual restlessness to unsettle us and either get us out of bed early or keep the night owls among us from getting to bed at all.  At the very least, we are likely to have tumultuous dreams…

This is followed by the Moon in Aries squaring Mercury in Capricorn, channeling that agitation into potential aggravation, as our bold and individualistic instincts bump up against our more practical mindsets and blunt communication.  There are likely to be a lot of grumpy bears succumbing to road rage this morning, so please be extra mindful if you are traveling, and it might be good to wait a bit before negotiating or signing any legal contracts.  Especially since the Moon in Aries opposes Jupiter a few minutes after squaring Mercury, and the two aspects combined may well prove to be enough to turn our luck against us this morning.

Even more so since the big astrological news of the day is Mercury squaring Jupiter about an hour later.  We’ve already been feeling the buildup to this over the past 24 hours and will feel the residual effects tomorrow as well.  Braggadocio is likely to be a problem today, as well as hyperbole and promising the Moon.  We would do well to be as aware as possible of Jupiter’s expansiveness and faith being at odds with our thoughts and communication, as the cognitive bombardment could be quite distracting and even disruptive, especially if we are not fully conscious of what is going on.  We may also experience communication in service to the status quo and authority that runs afoul of social responsibility and goodwill, as well as potentially difficult legal developments.  Whole lot of foot-in-mouth disease going around, and in the hair-trigger-tempered environment of the Aries Moon, our words could blow up in our faces with precious little warning.

For once, it’s actually Saturn saving the day as the Moon in Aries trines Saturn in Sagittarius toward mid-day.  Now we get Saturn’s stabilizing force asserting some needed boundaries in the midst of all of this over-the-top talk, and our emotions and instincts get some much-needed from our capacity for discipline and perseverance.  We may find ourselves in a much better position to go the extra mile as a result, while simultaneously dialing back our knee-jerk reactions at least enough to get things done.

That said, whatever we do get done had best be within the realm of daily routine and not starting anything new, as the Moon/Saturn trine starts a void-of-course period that lasts throughout the afternoon and into the evening.  This is, however, a great time for correcting errors, organizing our environments, ferreting out problems, and resolving discrepancies.  It’s not likely to be a good time for sharp and detailed thinking, though it may be a good time for activities requiring a good understanding of the bigger picture, emphasized by the Mercury/Jupiter square, even if that emphasis is a bit uncomfortable.

Speaking of discomfort, the Moon enters Taurus tonight and that is sure to send many of us in search of creature comforts to ease any distress resulting from today’s astrological activity.  We may also find ourselves moving more slowly, and with more of a concern for practicality in our reactions.  Those of us on diets need to be sure to find ways to make them pleasurable tonight or risk abruptly falling off of them, as Taurus is ruled by Venus and isn’t likely to be keen on self-deprivation right now, especially in the wake of so many emotionally and mentally challenging aspects today.  This is a good time to take time for self-care, enjoyment of good food, good company, and good art.  Taurus wants the finer things in life, and our instincts are likely to seek these out tonight, in whatever form is most enjoyable and easily obtained.

Of course, while the Taurean Bull doesn’t much like moving and would most likely rather enjoy some much-needed rest and relaxation tonight, the Bull also is an unstoppable force when riled up, and given the amount of poking our emotions and instincts have endured today, we might find that instead of enjoying a nice quiet evening our inner Bull will go after the picadores and then the matador with a vengeance.  Especially if it’s a part of our karmic path to do so, as the Moon ends the day trining the North Node, creating a flow state between our instinctive reactions and the direction of our life’s purpose.  Taurus may be resistant to change, but once started is slow to stop, so if we’re already wound up we may take a while to settle down.  Once we do, however, we are likely to move ever more steadily toward our goals, even if tonight’s goals are all about getting some quality sleep before the next battle.  😉


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