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Astrology of February 3rd, 2017: No Half-Measures

The day begins early with the Moon in Taurus trining the North Node in Virgo in the wee hours of the morning, setting a steady emotional tone for most of the day that moves in harmony with our karmic purpose,  slowly and cautiously supporting us in pursuit of our soul’s deepest goals.  

That steady influence is a necessary grounding to the fiery crackle of Venus entering Aries in the latter half of the morning, setting our desires ablaze!  Venus rules Taurus, so our emotional steadiness is still highly conscious of her new sizzle, and her self-assured pursuit of pleasure.  Venus in Aries will let us know of her intentions in no uncertain terms, and especially with the deep strength of the Moon in Taurus’ fixed earth to provide her with the secure space in which to burn, she’s not likely to take any half-measures in her quest.  That’s the thing about Venus in Aries – she is indeed on a quest.  Aries wants to be the big damn hero, and the feminine expression of this sign is no exception.  And with Mars having recently entered Aries as well, our (sexual) drive and our affections are now both headstrong and hellbent on saving the day, from whatever it may need saving from.

The Moon in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces this afternoon may soften the blaze only slightly, but it also puts a rosy glow around our emotions, and since this is a gently harmonious aspect, even if we are being a little bit overly optimistic for the moment, chances are that it’s merited – after the past couple of weeks we could stand to see our world and the people in it in a better light.  This is a lovely time for creativity and exploring our spiritual outlook a bit more, and enjoying our connections with others.

Tonight is the night of the 1st Quarter Moon, with the Moon in Taurus squaring the Sun in Aquarius.  This is the challenge phase in the process of building the energy of the intentions that we set at the New Moon, in which our need for material security may well be challenged by the needs of our own growth and the growth of society.  We may also need to find ways to mediate between our physicality and our rationality – for some of us, the toll of weeks of trying to understand this difficult time in our evolution may start to take a toll on our health.  We may want to enjoy our creature comforts yet feel restless and unable to relax.  Still, Venus’ entry into Aries has given us a shot of energy in terms of what we take pleasure in, so despite the Moon in Taurus’ historic adversity to change, we may find ourselves charged by Venus/Mars in Aries in ways that make us truly enjoy dedicating ourselves to a cause (or several!).  This is especially true if we can see how it benefits us to do so, as the Sun in Aquarius puts our consciousness squarely in the realm of society’s improvement achieved through self-improvement.  And frankly, the causes that matter most to us aren’t likely to hold a little enlightened self-interest against us, so long as it gets the job done.


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