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Astrology of February 5th, 2017: Growth and Introspection

Today Jupiter stations retrograde, with the upcoming retrograde period lasting until June 9th and with the shadow lasting until September 9th, so the whole day today feels the pull as the 2nd largest gravitational force in our solar system appears to halt in the sky, in preparation to seemingly move backward in relation to the Earth, retracing his steps of the past few months through the Zodiac.  Now is the time to reconsider the meaning of good fortune in our lives, how we achieve it and how we hold ourselves back from it.  Do we have faith in our ability to attain what we desire?  If not, why not?  Now is the time to start assessing these things, particularly in relation to whatever areas we have been working on most in hope of growth.  Keep in mind that Jupiter governs spiritual matters, so this is a time to go within in search of our answers, not into the outer world.  This introspection is necessary to prepare us for the rewards that we may reap when Jupiter turns direct, for we cannot have our harvest come in without creating the necessary space to receive it.

The day starts off with the Moon in Gemini squaring the North Node in Virgo in the early morning hours, adding to the emphasis of personal growth in service of our soul’s path.  While the square aspect is a challenge, when it is the Nodal axis that is so challenged we have the opportunity to burn through old karma that holds us back and if we integrate the energies of the square well we can make great leaps forward in achieving our soul’s purpose in this life.  With this particular square, the challenge is between what we communicate and what attention we give to the process of growth, our ability to skim through vast quantities of information in search of what we need versus our ability to focus on the tiniest details in the hopes of perfecting our process.  Remember that both Gemini and Virgo are ruled by Mercury, currently traveling through deep-thinking Capricorn.  We are likely to feel the need to balance the big picture with the microcosm today, and while it may be a rough journey chances are that it’s a worthwhile one.

Shortly thereafter, the Moon in Gemini sextiles Mars in Aries, and Mars helps fuel our communication and knowledge assimilation with a burst of assertive Aries energy.  We may find ourselves unusually active for a Sunday morning, but this being the most supportive aspect of the day, we would do well to take advantage of this energy to learn as much as we can and get things done before this afternoon when the Moon in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces, leading us to want to escape reality for a while.  If all that does is lead to some pleasant daydreaming or binge-watching Netflix, well and good, but this being a square aspect, our feelings are likely to be more challenging, leading us to instinctively seek out some means of actively retreating into fantasy that may well result in drinking or other addictive behaviors.  We may also find our heads fogged up just when we thought we were hitting our stride with the impetus from the Moon/Mars sextile, though we could just as well have tuckered ourselves out by overdoing it during that period, and some downtime to rest and soothe our over-active imaginations may be seriously needed by nightfall.  There is a very real possibility of delusion or deception here, so we need to be mindful and chose whom we believe during this time with care (including ourselves).

Of course, since Jupiter and Neptune are the classical and transcendental rulers of Pisces, respectively, there is a double emphasis here on spiritual matters, and with Jupiter still stationing and then turning retrograde late tonight, chances are that we are going to need some means to slow the pace of the frenetic Gemini Moon stimulating our unconscious and retreat to our dream worlds earlier in the night than usual.  Speaking of dreaming, this is the night for it, so those of us wishing to get a jump on sussing out the next step in our growth during this Jupiter Retrograde period would do well to meditate on our questions before retiring and be sure to write down our dreams in the morning.  Our unconscious minds will be more likely to find answers for us in sleep tonight than during the waking day preceding.


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