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Astrology of February 11th, 2017: An Expansive View

After all of the astrological activity yesterday, the limited number of aspects today might make things seem quiet by comparison.  However, what today lacks in quantity of events it makes up for in power.

The day started out with the Moon in Leo void-of-course until around dawn, when the Moon squared Black Moon Lilith shortly before entering Virgo.  As previously mentioned on this blog, Black Moon Lilith is in the final critical degree of Scorpio, and asks us to get clear on our focus and what we must let go of or surrender to in pursuit of our goals, particularly when it comes to our deepest, darkest emotional desires.  This challenge from the Moon this morning may well have put our emotions into a startlingly dark place after so much brightness yesterday, but there is still wisdom to be gained from this challenge playing out in our unconscious depths, however uncomfortably.

The Moon’s entry into Virgo immediately afterward gives our emotions and instincts some much-needed earthy grounding after of the air-fueled fiery intensity that was ruling the skies yesterday.  Of course, since the Virgo Moon is also known as the “Medicine Chest Moon” those of us who are particularly sensitive may be feeling the aftermath of yesterday’s fire physically today, so this is a time to tend to the body via exercise, nutrition, and rest.  Also, despite being an earth sign Virgo is ruled by Mercury (currently in Aquarius), so this is a time favoring mental processing, flavored by the social concerns of Aquarius, but also needing careful and detailed thought to tend to our own growth.  Virgo is known to be fact-finding, critical, and perfectionist, so we may feel some additional frustration when others don’t see eye-to-eye with us on how best to solve problems, or when our own plans fail to live up to our expectations, and we need to be careful not to beat ourselves up or play the martyr as a result.  However, Virgo is also good for having patience with process, understanding seasons and cycles, which is a useful awareness to combine with our instincts right now, especially after the powerful surge forward that yesterday’s cosmic activity may have directed us toward.  The Virgo Moon reminds us that the great problems of our time will not be solved in a day.  Patience and steady attention to detail are favored now.

A couple of hours later the two biggest gravitational forces in our solar system trined – the Sun in Aquarius and Jupiter in Libra – giving a massive surge of air power from those signs and emphasizing the use of reason and intellect in our social endeavors while connecting our relationships with our good fortune, whether those are personal relationships or group activities and causes.  Since Jupiter and the Sun move more slowly than the Moon, this aspect is in play all day today and into tomorrow, and we probably felt the build-up toward it as part of the powerful combination of energies during yesterday’s Full Moon and eclipse, which we are also still feeling the reverberations of today.  Now is a time to be conscious of all that we have to be grateful for, all that inspires us and strengthens our faith.  Not only spiritual faith is emphasized here but more importantly our faith that we are up to the tasks ahead of us, our faith that things will work out for the best, our trust in the Universe and our place in it.  Our philosophies and worldviews are highlighted during this time, and we have a greater capacity to accept viewpoints different from our own and integrate them into the bigger picture.  Just as Jupiter, Uranus, and Saturn have been forming a Triangle of Potential over the past couple of months that is now slowly moving out of orb, the Sun during the past two days has been forming another Triangle of Potential with Jupiter and Uranus, supporting both our faith in social harmony and our rebellion and need for freedom in coming to a point of balance for the good of humanity as a whole, and today’s trine with Jupiter emphasizes the social side of that equation even more.

Toward mid-day, the last of today’s astrological aspects saw the Moon in Virgo conjunct the North Node, emphasizing instinctive attention to detail in terms of our karmic path.  You may remember that the North Node had the apex of the Finger of God (Yod) on it yesterday, and the Mercury/Venus sextile that triggered it is still loosely in effect today, so this continues the focus on our life’ purpose under pressure from our communication and our values, especially since Virgo’s ruler Mercury is one of the active players in this configuration.  Since the Moon is activating this configuration today, our focus here is not likely to be within the realm of conscious thought, but nonetheless our emotions and instincts on the subject today are likely to be more thoughtful, more concerned with the details and mechanisms of how things work, and what seemingly little things need to be tended to in order to realize the potential of the grand picture presented by the Sun/Jupiter trine dominating the day and the rest of the weekend.


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