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Astrology of February 14th, 2017: A Balance of Needs

This is a Valentine’s Day with some potentially rocky moments astrologically-speaking, but awareness can help to make them a little easier to navigate and create a strong potential for growth within our relationships today.

The first aspect of the day is the Moon in Libra opposing Venus in Aries in the early morning hours.  This puts our emotions and instincts in relation to partnership in potential conflict with our personal pleasures and sense of independence.  Keep in mind that these two can go head-to-head against each other or use the enhanced awareness brought about by being face-to-face to create a greater state of balance between them.  Being conscious of the potential for these dynamics allows us the possibility of choosing to integrate both our diplomacy and our passion in a way that sets the day off on the right foot for romantic pursuits.

Toward mid-day the Moon in Libra trines Mercury in Aquarius, creating a lovely, harmonious flow between our sociable instincts and emotions and our equally sociable thoughts and communication.  Thinking in ways that are mindful of both one-on-one interactions and their context within the larger group, and communicating in alignment with the overall social good are both favored now.  Partnerships created in connection with our social causes and group activities will fare especially well now, and that applies to business and pleasure alike.

This afternoon things get a bit more testy as the Moon in Libra opposes Mars in Aries, putting our emotions and instincts in potential conflict with our drive to do our own thing, mirroring the Moon/Venus opposition earlier but now with more of an edge and a greater potential for frustration and disruption along the way.  It is therefore even more crucial that we strive for awareness and balance between these two, and recognize that we are likely to need to compromise between our romantic feelings and our aggressive (sexual) focus.

Having all three personal planets interacting with the Moon in Libra (sign of relationships) today with the Moon opposing both gendered and sexual planets gives us a huge potential to make progress in our interpersonal relationships, but it is likely to be a bit of a balancing act and requires both awareness and tact to lead us on a path that both keeps the peace and respects individual desires.  The Moon/Mercury trine is the glue between these polarities, asking us to take communicate our feelings and communicate with feeling in order to create partnerships that equally fulfill the needs of both our partners and ourselves.

Around the witching hour, the Moon put an intense finial atop tonight by squaring Pluto in Capricorn.  We may find our emotions running afoul of circumstances beyond our control, particularly those related to authority, career, and reputation.  Pluto creates deep transformation, and can lend a power (or a need for power) to whatever he touches that can leave us feeling out of control.  In relation to romantic emotions and instincts already put on-notice by the avatars of female and male sexuality today, we may find ourselves in dangerous straits, where passion outweighs propriety and safety.  The challenge here is to recognize that fulfilling our romantic desires and our need for all to be harmonious and beautiful is not worth doing violence to our souls (nor facing violence against our bodies).  We may find ourselves challenged to defend what we feel, and we need to be aware of our own power and not use it against the will of others, nor allow our own free will to be usurped.  Our emotions can be a powerful connection or just as powerful a weapon, and our need for real partnership is never served by wielding its power against the ones we love.


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