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Astrology of February 15th, 2017: Shared Potential

Today has seen the Moon moving through a series of aspects with Uranus, Jupiter, and Saturn, reinforcing the Triangle of Potential that we’ve seen since the holiday season (which is Saturn is now moving out of orb from).  I’ve talked a lot about this Triangle of Potential over the past couple of months, so if you’ve been reading along during that time you’re already quite familiar with it, but for those who are just getting caught up, it essentially involves a balancing process between our individual desires for freedom that are manifesting in sudden acts of rebellion versus our faith and good fortune in partnership and expanded desire for social harmony, as represented by the ongoing opposition between Jupiter and Uranus, with Saturn acting as the mediator between the two, applying discipline and understanding of process and boundaries in relation to our sense of ideals and desire for the truth.

This morning, the Moon in Libra opposed Uranus in Aries, creating a strong potential for sudden disruptions in both our emotional reactions and our normal routines (a huge part of why I’m writing this post so late in the day!).  The Moon conjuncting Jupiter a few hours later reinforced our instinctive desire for peace and harmony to balance out any residual effects from Uranus’ jarring influence earlier, but it may also have made whatever we feel seem larger than life, including feeling unsettled or even out of control in relation to this morning’s events.

Thankfully, this afternoon’s sextile from the Moon in Libra to Saturn in Sagittarius has provided some stability and balance to the equation, helping us to slow the frenetic pace that a Moon/Uranus opposition can set, and ease down on the massive surge of emotion that the Moon/Jupiter conjunction may have encouraged.  Saturn is not often thought of as a kindly influence in astrology, but today’s Moon/Saturn sextile is a lovely example of where the stern Lord of Karma can actually help us to navigate some of the more crazy-making side-effects from the actions of other planets, using patience and discipline to help us make sense of it all.

This evening the Moon in Libra trines the Sun in Aquarius, bringing our unconscious desire for social harmony into a supportive flow state with our conscious desire to improve ourselves and our society, aligning our instinctive reactions with our core identity.  At the same time, this starts a lunar void-of-course period, so this is not a night for starting any bold new initiatives, but instead it’s a good time for falling back on the routines that may have been disrupted by this morning’s tug-of-war between Uranus and Jupiter, observing what may need fine-tuning in our social environments and determining where changes need to be made to achieve the best results for everyone involved.

Late tonight sees the Moon’s entry into Scorpio, increasing our emotional depth and sensitivity, but also making us less likely to communicate our feelings and experiences as we plunge into the more mysterious workings of our lives.  Scorpio is the fixed water sign, the deepest part of the unconscious, the intuitive ocean.  Its classical ruler is Mars, giving it strength of focus, and its transcendental ruler is Pluto, giving it intense willpower and a transformative urge.  Whatever Scorpio touches is not going to be interested in surfaces nor likely to act without impact.  Our instincts are now turning to all of the deep, dark, intense stuff of humanity:  psychology, money, politics, sex, religion, and power.  Especially power.  Now is a time when we are likely to see an increase in attempted one-upmanship and jockeying for position in our social circles and relationships.  The closer the emotional attachment the more likely that issues of power will raise their heads now.  We need to be conscious of our own control issues now, and understand that acknowledging others’ power does not deny us our own.  Indeed, tonight our power is likely to make itself felt, both waking and sleeping.  We dream deep tonight.


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