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Astrology of February 17th, 2017: Depth and Focus

This morning the Moon in Scorpio squares Mercury in Aquarius, putting our communication in the crosshairs of our emotions and instincts that are currently in the realm of a sign notorious for its silence.  This aspect pits our heads against our hearts, and our attention to social concerns is likely to suffer for it.  Since the Moon governs our unconscious reactions, we are likely to react without thinking, and since Scorpio is known for its sting, we may find ourselves lashing out now only to regret the consequences later.  Worse still, we may be able to sit back and watch ourselves behaving unreasonably, and feel as though we are powerless to stop our own reactions.  Or, in keeping with the Scorpionic theme of power vs. powerlessness, we may find ourselves the target of someone else’s tirade that we are ill-equipped to defend ourselves against.  

Thankfully, toward mid-day we get a helpful boost of power in dealing with the powers-that-be via the Moon in Scorpio sextiling Pluto in Capricorn.  With our willpower and our instincts aligned, we are likely to be able to dive deep into the heart of situations whose inner workings have previously been a mystery to us, and we can use the information learned to our benefit in our dealings with authority figures and career matters so long as we do not abuse it – whatever we do at this time is best not done for purely selfish ends, or it is likely to backfire on us.  We may also find ourselves ending situations that not longer serve us but that we previously did not have the will to remove ourselves from.  Of course, Moon/Pluto interactions tend to amp up the intensity of our emotions, and that is more likely with the Moon in Scorpio, which Pluto is the transcendental ruler of.  Still, the sextile is a gentle aspect, so chances are that this will give focus and depth to our reactions, and that has the potential to help us get a lot done today.

That said, this aspect marks the beginning of a lunar void-of-course period lasting for nearly 24 hours, so we are going to need to harness the Moon/Pluto sextile’s focus to tend to routine matters only – no big initiatives or important meetings or contracts should be dealt with during this time.  The void-of-course period is a good time to tend to cleaning up our environment, organizing, sorting, editing, and otherwise putting things in place, as the dreamy state that it induces helps us to instinctively see what is off-kilter around us.

That dreamy quality is likely to increase later tonight, as the Moon in Scorpio trines Chiron in Pisces.  We may find ourselves commiserating with our fellows at the local watering hole, as Chiron governs learning from our pain and Pisces tends to be a drinking sign, but since this is a supportive trine aspect we are less likely to see the self-destructive side of this urge (unless our unconscious determines that we really need that lesson!).  We may find ourselves wanting to lose ourselves in fantasy, and perhaps this is just what is needed tonight to help sort our feelings out – this is a good time to forget our troubles with the help of a good book or movie.  We are best off spending this evening with friends close to home who we can confide in (or sit quietly with if our Scorpio Moon isn’t feeling chatty), or if we’re not feeling social spending our evening in whatever activity will most help us to work through the more mysterious side of our emotions.  This is definitely a good night for creative endeavors, spiritual endeavors, and intimate time spent with those we trust.


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