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Astrology of February 18th, 2017: Confronting Illusions

We start the day with the Moon void-of-course in Scorpio, afloat in a sea of deep emotion and unconscious knowing.  The Sun entering Pisces in the early morning hours further emphasizes the dreamlike state of the void-of-course period, and we should exercise some caution when starting the day in this floating state.  Now is not the time for crucial decision-making or bold moves, and we should stick to our routines as much as possible until the Moon enters Sagittarius toward mid-day.  

Less than an hour later the Moon squares the Sun, pitting active, idealistic, emotions and reactions against a conscious desire for both more connection and more escapism.  Our core selves are more sensitive under a Pisces Sun, more compassionate and spiritual, and more in-touch with our feelings, both emotional and sensory.  On the plus side, both Pisces and Sagittarius are ruled by benevolent Jupiter, so both carry a certain degree of optimism, but the Sagittarian Moon’s tendency to rush in where angels fear to tread may create excess stress for the more gentle side of our consciousness being awakened by the Piscean Sun.  Our emotions and instinctive reactions under this Moon may be spoiling for a (thoroughly justified) fight on ideological grounds, but our Piscean consciousness has been around the block for a few lives and seen how that tends to end, and therefore wants us to find a less combative solution.  Of course, Pisces is notorious for allowing the desire to help others to turn us into doormats, so the peaceful approach isn’t automatically the right move either.  This is the beginning of the last quarter of our current lunar cycle, and this square challenges us to find the means of disseminating the intentions that we set at the New Moon in Aquarius and brought to fullness at the Full Moon and eclipse in Leo, in a way that shoots straight to the truth of the matter (Sagittarius) while having compassionate perspective (Pisces) and combining head and heart with the wisdom and will toward social and internal growth that (hopefully) can keep us from repeating past mistakes.

A very short time later the Moon conjuncts Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius at the critical 0 degree of that sign, the space in which all of the sign’s possibilities are held, the first lessons ready to be learned.  Black Moon Lilith has been likened to a female Mars, focused, driven, and sexually aggressive.  Hers is an instinctive wisdom, the place where the Moon is closest to the Sun (and furthest from the Earth), so it is intriguing to see the Moon conjuncting her so soon after the Sun/Moon square, visiting her place of deep knowing that has the capacity to bridge the gap between two, the place where the personal and the political meet.  Here we may meet our own most destructive illusions, so that we may confront them, move through them, grow past them.  Black Moon Lilith has a powerful effect on relationship dynamics, and we may find an edge to our emotions surrounding our more significant relationships during this time that challenges our ability to be both vulnerable and centered in our own power with each other.

This series of challenges continues with the Sun in Pisces squaring Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius in the early evening, stretching out the effects of the previous two aspects and forcing us to see where our focus and our instincts are leading us, and how that conflicts with our desire to escape from the consequences of the ideologies we have immersed ourselves in, particularly those chosen unconsciously, accepted unquestioningly.  Our souls’ passions are brought to the surface, but through the lens of the Piscean Sun we may still see only what we want to, resisting the wisdom that both our watery consciousness and fiery instincts can offer if we can just find a means of integrating them both.  Pisces is symbolized by two fishes tied together at the tails, swimming in opposite directions, a visual key to the sign’s ability to navigate paradox.  If any sign can do it, Pisces can.  With this string of challenging aspects, we’ll need all of the wisdom Pisces can muster.

Especially since it’s not over with the Sun/Black Moon Lilith square, as a short while later the Moon in Sagittarius squares the North Node in Virgo, bringing our emotions that are burning with the fire of Lilith’s confrontational wisdom to bump heads with our karmic purpose for some potential course-correction of the painful-learning-experience variety.  North Node in Virgo is a bit detail-obsessed, while the Moon in Sagittarius is far more enamoured of the big picture and inclined to rush through the messy details.  And driven instinctually toward soul-reforging experience by Black Moon Lilith, we may find ourselves so emotionally consumed that any encounter with the Virgoan desire for perfection becomes a dizzying whirlwind of overwhelm, or a chain around our necks, rather than the steady growth process that our life lessons have been favoring during this past year.

On the plus side, if navigated successfully, today promises a whole lot of potential for growth on a deep, soul level.  On the downside, this string of hard aspects is likely to be hard on us on many levels, so lots of self-care is likely to be needed at the end of it all (and during as well).  Our path is a rocky one today, but our climbing skills will benefit from it.


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