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Astrology of February 19th, 2017: Playing to Win

This morning the Moon in Sagittarius trines Venus in Aries, joining our emotions and our affections together in a fiery alliance that favors the bold.  We want adventure today, and we are not likely to be shy about seeking it.  Our pleasures and desires are active, courageous, and perhaps a bit self-centered, but likely to be generous nonetheless.  We feel idealistic and want whatever we do now to fit into the bigger picture – we are not likely to be content with lukewarm motivations or half-measures.  We may find ourselves a bit impatient and impulsive at this time, and given the right circumstances could give our hearts away on a whim.  We are likely to be warm and enthusiastic regardless, albeit perhaps somewhat restless and even demanding, and we are very emotionally responsive to those around us now.  

Toward mid-day, however, we may find a fog arising around those bold emotions, with confusion a likely result, thanks to the Moon in Sagittarius squaring Neptune in Pisces.  Our hearts that were so sure and strong this morning may now lead us astray, and we may need to be wary of deception now.  Or, the grand intentions of the morning may well fizzle now, and leave us wanting to escape reality for a bit.  Those of us with addictive personalities are likely to be undermined by temptation now, as our courage flounders and we find that what we thought was clearly defined is suddenly hazy, our righteous path fraught with uncertainty.  Piscean sensitivity can make this experience especially jarring after the previously confident start to the day.  Jupiter is the classical ruler of both Sagittarius and Pisces, but Neptune is the transcendental ruler of Pisces and in the sign that it rules, so this really boils down to a clash between these two outer planets, who govern larger forces than the personal feelings ruled by the Moon.  With Jupiter involved that tends to make things feel larger-than-life, while Neptune heightens our spiritual awareness and sense of interconnectedness, which is not automatically a bad thing, but when Neptune clashes with the Moon in Sagittarius especially we are likely to find that our beliefs and emotional patterns are being challenged in the process, making us feel like the rug has been pulled out from underneath us, and we may find our usual coping mechanisms not up to the struggle between what we feel and the bigger situations in our lives.

Still, tonight we may find ourselves regaining our sense of capability to deal with whatever is on our plates, as the Moon in Sagittarius trines Mars in Aries, and our feelings return to this morning’s emboldened state, but now have the energy and drive to back them up.  Mars is the ruler of Aries, so he is naturally at home here and in the height of his power, and is not likely to take “no” for an answer.  We are likely to be very forthright about what we want now, even blunt or tactless, which means that now is not the time for interactions requiring diplomacy.  With the Moon trine Mars in this position, we are playing to win.  Just what the prize may be is anybody’s guess, but we will revel in the thrill of the chase now.  If we seek to win others over to whatever cause has our attention at this time, we are likely to be extraordinarily persuasive.  Whatever our heart is set on, we will put our all into attaining it.  However, given the impulsiveness that is likely to accompany this aspect, we would do well to be certain that whatever we set our hearts on is worth the effort.


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