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Astrological Update, February 22nd, 2017: Chins Up!

It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

The big astrological aspect of the day also started things off very early out of the gate, with Mars in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn in the wee hours of the morning.  This is a rough start to the day, and the tone this challenge sets will linger into tomorrow as well.  Mars is all about drive, focus, energy, aggression, and the masculine sexual principle, and he’s in one of the two signs that he rules so he’s in his place of power.  But power is what Pluto is all about, power and control, will, transformation, loss, endings, and death.  Pluto also governs institutions, such as governments, police, hospitals, and organized crime.  And with Pluto in Capricorn, his themes are playing out in relation to our careers, reputation, and standing within the social order, whereas Mars’ themes are playing out in relation to our identity and sense of self.  You can see where this is going.  This is a power struggle between our desire for self-determination and the giant institutional forces that seem beyond our control.  The cold and impersonal will of a transcendental planet that moves slowly and influences the course of generations and countries versus the individual drive of a personal planet known for its rage and destruction (Mars is the god of war, after all).  On the personal level we are likely to experience frustration, interpersonal conflicts, and explosive temperaments.  We may feel thwarted at every turn by impersonal forces disrupting our plans.  We are at increased risk for accidents, especially because Mars in Aries is impatient and hasty, so it pays to be extra mindful today.  On the societal level, there is an increased potential for violence, police and military conflicts, posturing by would-be strongmen, and breakdowns in diplomacy.  How this plays out through the day is likely to be influenced by the various aspects made by the Moon over the course of the day, as this day is profoundly cardinal in its energy, with the majority of aspects involving planets in the cardinal signs of Aries, Libra, and Capricorn.

The first lunar aspect of today is that of the Moon in Capricorn conjuncting Pluto in Capricorn, happening around mid-day/early afternoon and aligning our emotions and instincts with the great impersonal forces of our lives.  Since Pluto is like all transcendental planets in that he transforms whatever he touches from the ground up, the Moon is no match for Pluto’s power, and our feelings are intensified as a result.  We are likely to be deeply, instinctively aware that we are not in control, and may feel helpless in the face of socio-economic and political factors impacting our lives.  Our best-laid plans are up against the powers-that-be, and today their impact can feel gut-wrenchingly personal.

Since the Moon squares Mars within less than an hour of this conjunction, our emotional response is likely to turn angry very quickly, and we may find ourselves driven to action, our knee-jerk reactions rebelling against all that seems to confine us or otherwise meddle in our lives.  There can be very real conflicts with authorities as a result, so it is important to be as conscious as possible of these dynamics as we go through our day today, and wherever possible avoid going off half-cocked, and Pluto’s influence makes the consequences potentially life-changing.

This evening, our emotions become even more unsteady and unruly as the Moon squares Uranus in Aries, bringing our most rebellious impulses into the fray, stirring things up with sudden changes and potential technological breakdowns, and fomenting revolutionary disorder and even outright chaos.  On a more personal level, it would be wise to be cautious with electronics, and backup important data.  It is especially important to take precautions with travel this evening, due to the increased potential for accidents and violent crime due to this aspect amplifying the aggressive and disruptive qualities of the Mars/Pluto square with Uranian impulsiveness and the Moon’s unconsciousness.  This is an atmosphere tailor-made for crimes of passion.

A short while later the Moon in Capricorn squares Jupiter in Libra, reinforcing the ongoing opposition between Jupiter and Uranus, so we’re not likely to get much help from diplomatic quarters.  Our emotions and instincts that have been so riled up by first Pluto, then Mars, then Uranus are not likely to play nicely with Jupiter in Libra’s magnified desire for peace.  While a Capricorn Moon can be calm, traditional, and devoted, it can also be prone to fanaticism – it was the Moon sign of Hitler, after all (yes, I did just Godwin this analysis).  Jupiter’s influence is typically benevolent, but it is also magnifying, and after the day we’ve had there is a strong potential for that influence to become the final straw and blow things all out of proportion.  Or make us inclined to hide under our beds with frayed nerves and an overwhelming wish for it to all go away.

Since the Moon turns void-of-course with this aspect, we may find ourselves worn-out and adrift at this point, unable to process much else.  Certainly our emotions have been through the wringer by this point, despite the Capricorn Moon’s innate tendency to keep a stiff upper lip through all the sturm und drang.  In fact, that may be the real danger in all of this – an instinctive urge toward stoicism that gets frayed about the edges but doesn’t adequately process what’s going on emotionally.  That being the case, there is one silver lining in all of this:  The final aspect of the day is a gentle, harmonious sextile between the Moon and Chiron, giving us the emotional capability to navigate our hurts tonight and gain wisdom from the process, as well as potentially helping those around us as we lick our wounds.  This is not a day I’d wish on anyone, but we may still gain some necessary growth from it all, and through it all find some human connection and mutual compassion by the end of the day.


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