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Astrology Update, February 23rd, 2017: Guiding Fires

Late this morning the Moon entered Aquarius, bringing our instincts into a place governed more by reason than emotion.  The Moon tends to be slightly uncomfortable in Aquarius, and so at this time we are more inclined to think about a feeling than actually feel it.  Aquarius is highly oriented toward group concerns and causes, so now is a time to be social for a purpose.  On the social end of things, activism is favored as well as classes, public lectures, and similar gatherings that educate and lift people up, while on the solitary side activities like reading and other means of self-improvement are emphasized.  We are inclined to be curious and friendly under this Moon, interested most in what is best for all, yet also a bit aloof and highly self-motivated, as well as zealously guarding our liberty even in the midst of our social endeavors.

We are now also under the influence of an opposition between Jupiter in Libra and Eris in Aries, a slow-moving influence that has been building over the past couple of months, exact today for the second time in 2017 due to Jupiter’s retrograde, with the third and final opposition between these two upcoming in early September.  Eris the dwarf planet whose discovery led to the demotion of Pluto from full-fledged planet to dwarf planet status.  Named for the Greek goddess of discord, Eris heightens our discontent and our dislike of hypocrisy, and due to an incredibly elongated elliptic orbit has been slowly traversing Aries for many years, even long before her discovery (to put things in perspective, she’s been in Aries since before I was born).  The aspects that Uranus and Jupiter have been making with Eris recently (Uranus will conjunct Eris exactly again in mid-March and is still in orb to be considered conjunct now) are a huge part of why people are so fed up with their governments and institutional hypocrisy, and we are likely to see more disruption as the cycle between these planets continues over the next few months, with Uranus’s revolutionary fervor joining forces with Eris’ will to shake things up, magnified by the ongoing opposition to Jupiter that has fueled both of them.  For today, we may feel more disruption in relation to our ability to put up and shut up, a little less willingness to be diplomatic in relation to social realms and authority figures, and that influence continues to extend through the end of the month.

Toward mid-day, the Moon in Aquarius sextiled Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius, increasing our focus on social realms and causes and our ideals in these areas.  We may see challenges to our ideals now that we instinctively accept and that shape our feelings toward our own causes, helping us to more effectively navigate both those challenges and what must be done to overcome them.  Our drive is instinctively increased at this time, even as we may feel more in need of surrendering to the larger forces of social change – our unconscious will to be part of a global shift is heightened now.

The big astrological news of the day is this afternoon’s sextile between Mercury in Aquarius and Saturn in Sagittarius, reinforcing that sense of social change but in a more conscious fashion, with our minds joining forces with our discipline to persuade both ourselves and our society to live up to our ideals.  Our minds and our communication are more serious at this time, steady, disciplined, aware of our limitations but willing to push through them with patience and persistence.  This time favors modest financial dealings, taking steps to ensure future security, especially when doing so is beneficial on a community level.  It’s a good time for planning, scheduling, and organizing, particularly in relation to social causes and political actions.  Now is the time for our thoughts and words to be the sparks that ignite beacon fires out of our strongest beliefs and ideals.


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