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Astrology Update, February 25th, 2017: Dreaming Minds

The skies are busy today!  Things got started with the Moon in Aquarius sextiling Uranus in Aries in the early morning hours.  Since Uranus is the transcendental ruler of Aquarius, this was an extra boost to Aquarian and Uranian energy, emphasizing movement, electricity, technology, and the future.  While this might have translated into some restlessness and perhaps waking at an unusually early hour, this harmonious  aspect may have yielded unusual insights and quickened response time for those of us who were awake.

A short time later the Moon in Aquarius trined Jupiter in Libra, bringing an optimistic and generous quality to our emotions and instincts.  Since Jupiter magnifies what he touches and the trine is the most supportive of aspects, our feelings were enhanced by this contact, but since Aquarius is a more rational and less touchy-feely sign, those feelings were likely to be more within the realm of creating better interpersonal and social dynamics, or simply feeling better about ourselves, since Aquarius can have an independent streak which was already emphasized by the Moon’s earlier contact with Uranus in Aries.

These two aspects together had the Moon activating the ongoing Jupiter/Uranus opposition, creating a Triangle of Potential with the Moon as the mediator helping to bring balance between these two outer planets in their tug-of-war between the personal and the political, freedom and social responsibility, individual needs and relationships.  Our emotions and instincts during these early morning hours were poised to help us mediate between these areas, and while most of us in North America weren’t awake for these aspects, the Moon’s governance of the unconscious makes it likely that our dreams did touch upon matters important to these areas, and regardless, the benefit to our unconscious during that time could well have reverberations during the rest of the day (unless you’re like me with the Jupiter/Uranus opposition directly plugged into a T-square with Sun/Venus/Mercury, in which case, sorry about the exhaustion…).

Later this morning the Moon in Aquarius sextiled Saturn in Sagittarius, reviving Saturn’s previous role as mediator in the Jupiter/Uranus opposition, and helping to steady our responses, increase our patience, and improve our discipline, particularly with regard to reactions tied to our beliefs and social structures.  Our optimism during this time was less of the pie-in-the-sky variety and more practical and down-to-earth, allowing us to knuckle down and get things done to improve our lives, especially in relation to others.  Since this started off a void-of-course period lasting several hours, this makes the early part of the afternoon a time to settle into our routines, fix things that are out-of-place or otherwise in need of editing and correcting, and let our minds drift while our instincts take the helm, strengthened by Saturn’s sobering presence.

Later this afternoon, both Mercury and the Moon enter Pisces within a short time of each other, conjuncting shortly thereafter.  This can put our thoughts and feelings into a dreamy fog, confusing our perceptions.  Pisces is the eldest sign of the zodiac, concerned with emotional and spiritual matters and universal consciousness, enhancing connections but also blurring boundaries.  Coming after the Moon’s contact with the highly boundary-conscious Saturn, this may be especially disconcerting.  Now is not a time for signing contracts, engaging in important negotiations, or doing anything that requires particularly quick wits (and that is true for the duration of Mercury’s passage through Pisces, until mid-March).  That said, Mercury in Pisces can be very intuitive, even psychic, perceiving others’ motivations as well as our own.  The danger here is that we may find ourselves picking up on thoughts and feelings without recognizing whose they are, mistaking them for our own, and may find ourselves led about in circles as a result.  Regardless, our thoughts and emotions are aligned together at this time, helping us to communicate about what we are feeling.  We are more likely now to say what we feel and our reactions are more likely to reflect whatever we are thinking, for better or for worse.  Still, there can be a lovely sweetness to our communication and instinctual responses now, as our kindness and compassion are emphasized in both our thoughts and feelings during the Moon/Mercury conjunction, continuing through tomorrow’s New Moon and Annular Solar Eclipse.

Tonight, the feelings gentled by the Moon’s entry into Pisces get a somewhat abrasive reminder of the challenges posed to our compassion by some of our more strident beliefs, as the Moon in Pisces squares Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius.  Now we are confronted by our need to be right and our less-than-kindly attitudes when it comes to those we disagree with, especially in areas concerning our ideals.  We may find ourselves facing extremism, in either ourselves or others, dividing us at a time when our instinct is to be more loving and connected.  We may feel victimized and self-pitying as a result, and because both the Moon and Black Moon Lilith govern unconscious processes, our conscious minds may be hard-pressed to process all of this, especially with Mercury so recently entered into Pisces and now swimming in murky waters.  Still, Black Moon Lilith is very much about connecting the unconscious and the conscious (hers is a space between the Moon and the Sun), and the best way to navigate her territory is to surrender ourselves to the experience in order to fully process what she is trying to teach us.  It’s not likely to be pleasant in the case of her square to the Moon, but since the Moon moves quickly at least it will be brief.

Finally, late tonight the Moon in Pisces conjuncts the South Node in Pisces, opposing the North Node in Virgo.  The South Node governs past life influences, where we have come from and where we feel comfortable.  The North Node governs our karmic path forward, the future that we are heading toward, the skills and attitudes that we need to develop.  With the Moon conjuncting the South Node in dreamy Pisces, our instinctive desire will be to do whatever makes us most comfortable, whatever is familiar and easy and doesn’t challenge us.  However, since the Moon is opposing the North Node, we won’t be able to rest in this space without being aware of what we are meant to be doing in the polarity of this comfortable place.  The North Node in Virgo is concerned with tending to all of the little details of our karmic path, perfecting ourselves through a lengthy process of growth, mindful of our health and a more scientific method than this Piscean fantasy world that has lured us in.  Fortunately, of all the signs Pisces is most comfortable with paradox and the integration of opposites.  Tonight may well be a time for dreaming, and creativity, and sensual enjoyment of our emotions and connections, still recognizing where we need to be headed.  The Nodal axis is sometimes referred to as the Dragon, with the North Node as the head and the South Node as the tail, but the South Node also contains the stomach, the source of the hunger that the mouth feeds.  Our drive toward the future is informed by the past.  Our emotions and instincts may not be interested in tackling the areas in which we need to grow just yet, but our path toward the future may still rely on the hunger stoked in Piscean dream worlds tonight.


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