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Astrology Update, February 27th, 2017: Reforging Identity

The astrological activity started in the early morning hours today with the Moon in Pisces sextiling Pluto in Capricorn, giving a boost of power to our emotions from the larger forces in our lives.  Our instincts may turn toward the practical, strengthening our reactions in relation to our goals, careers, and reputations, so for the early risers among us heading to work before sunrise this is a bonus that may give a great start to the day, setting the mood for accomplishment while maintaining our sensitive and intuitive feelings that help us to be aware of the larger picture and how the attainment of our goals affects those around us.

As the morning progresses the awareness of individual desires versus social harmony is sharpened due to the big astrological aspect of the day, Mars in Aries opposing Jupiter in Libra.  Our energy and drive is purely self-motivated today, bold and aggressive and wanting action, yet bumping up against a magnified concern with maintaining peace and order and amicable relationships.  Today we are likely to see situations arise where we are forced to acknowledge the areas in which these forces conflict, and in the process become more aware of the challenges in balancing these two, learning how to integrate these opposing forces as a result.  What are our own beliefs about peace and harmony in relation to others, and where do these conflict with getting things done in our own lives?  Where do society and our relationships demand compromise that our individual focus is no longer willing to tolerate?  Where does conflict arise as a result of trying to please too many people at once?  When are we no longer willing to act as doormats just to keep the peace?  And how do we bring our actions as individuals into the public sphere in a way that harmonizes with others without sacrificing our identities and needs as individuals?  Because Mars tends to stir things up and highlight conflicts, and Jupiter expands whatever he touches, we may see increased conflict today, tempers flaring.  We may find ourselves struggling with rage, especially for those of us who have kept our aggressive feelings buried, and now it is likely to spill out into social arenas and interpersonal relationships.  We may also experience troubles in relation to authority since Jupiter is the ruling figure of the zodiac.  Legal battles may turn heated and require extra diplomacy to navigate successfully – it is unwise to be the aggressor at this time, yet neither should we cave, as this aspect requires a balance of focused action and willingness to mediate and compromise.  Our religious beliefs may also be challenged at this time, or we may find ourselves challenged by religious orthodoxy, as Jupiter governs institutions of faith.  Of course, for those who are already more secure in balancing individual desires within the societal framework, today may provide a powerful boost of energy that feeds accomplishment in dealing with the-powers-that-be.  Jupiter is optimistic and benevolent after all, and if we can keep our aggression firmly harnessed in service of focus on our goals, we may find that this aspect gives us the extra impetus we need to achieve our aim, especially when what we are aiming for serves the common good.

Toward mid-day we may find that the issues raised by the Mars/Jupiter opposition require that we fall back on our more well-established skills and thought patterns.  Though yesterday’s eclipse emphasized making a break with the past, still we may find ourselves thinking and communicating with nostalgia during this time, or with people from our past, though still mindful of the future as Mercury in Pisces conjuncts the South Node and opposes the North Node.  Regardless, how we think about our karmic path and our purpose in life is highlighted now, especially in relation to how that path and purpose are shaped by our past and by our family history, as well as by societal patterns.  Thanks to this Nodal activation, some of the conflicts coming up today in relation to the Mars/Jupiter opposition are likely to be related to our history and karmic baggage, both on the interpersonal and societal levels.  How have past injustices shaped who we are and what we face today?  How do we address our history and move forward in unity while still honoring the needs of individuals and minorities among us?  Our minds will be in a prime position to address these questions during this time, and compassionate communications regarding history and social connections are favored at this time.

This kind of thought and communication is further emphasized by the Moon in Pisces conjuncting Chiron in Pisces within minutes of the Mercury/South Node conjunction, bringing past trauma to the foreground of our emotions and reactions.  We become more attuned to the toxic patterns in our lives as a result, more sensitive and aware of both the damage and the need and means for healing.  Therapeutic efforts that emphasize communication are likely to get a boost from this aspect, as well as any active efforts to redress old wrongs.  Since the conjunction is a hard aspect, those of us with health concerns may find ourselves struggling with flare-ups at this time, but we are also likely to have a greater instinctive awareness of what needs to be done to remedy such ills, especially when that awareness can be shared with and benefit others like us with similar problems.

Later this afternoon the Moon in Pisces squares Saturn in Sagittarius, potentially casting a more somber mood.  Saturn in Sagittarius already limits the optimism of this Jupiter-ruled sign, and with Jupiter embattled by Mars today, our optimism and faith are likely to feel hard-pressed to muster against a challenge from the Piscean Moon coming off of its own challenge from Chiron.  It’s important to be mindful of the potential for burnout at this time in connection with the Mars/Jupiter opposition, as the one-two punch of the Moon in hard aspect to first Chiron and then Saturn may bring us face-to-face with our own limitations on an emotional and instinctive level, and we may find ourselves needing to call it a day much earlier than we might otherwise like.  Depression is a distinct likelihood at this time, and we may feel victimized or have to come to grips with our sense of martyrdom.  Since embattled Jupiter is the classical ruler of Pisces, our emotions aren’t likely to be getting much help from that end, and our optimism may find itself at an all-time low.  Escapism into alcohol or drugs is a real risk at this time, so it’s important to make time for self-care and remember that this too shall pass.

Since the Moon turns void-of-course with the Moon/Saturn square, this evening we would do well to fall back on routine and use the unfocused and dreamy quality of this time to tend to small, mundane tasks, or quiet conversation with friends and loved ones at home, or more introspective activities.  Some downtime is likely needed after this day.

That said, the night does not end quietly, as the Moon enters Aries late tonight, turning our emotions active, aggressive, and self-focused.  This is a more ego-driven placement for the Moon, and we are likely to take a “me first” attitude as a result.  Of course, this is not entirely a bad thing, as the push-pull between social and individual concerns during the past couple of months may require that we do some restructuring and rebuilding of our identities as a result.  Aries isn’t just about selfishness – having a strong sense of self is absolutely necessary to be able to navigate this physical plane, and we don’t tend to be much good at helping others around us if we forget to take care of ourselves.  Aries is very much about action and heroism, leaping in to save the day when all seems lost, and defeating monsters both within and without.  The Aries archetype is the warrior, and the warrior’s first battle is always with the self, shaping and honing the identity in preparation to meet the world.  And after this day, chances are that we need a strong sense of self to be able to continue and not collapse into the pain and sadness that so many challenging aspects may have raised.  Aries has an inherent sense of wonder, being the youngest sign of the zodiac, and like a child and hero both, wants to set out into the world to explore and adventure.

The final aspect of the night is a trine between the Moon in Aries and Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius, emphasizing these Aries lessons in the most beneficial way, submerging our unconscious in an optimistic will to expand our understanding and experience of the world and boldly face whatever chimera await.  Black Moon Lilith is simultaneously focused and surrendering, the Yin counterpart to Mars’ Yang.  The Moon in Aries is eager for adventure and self-testing, and will rush in where angels fear to tread, unafraid of whatever darkness Lilith can dredge up in the realm of our philosophies and beliefs, and the two of them allied together gird us to do battle in the service of our highest ideals, reforged on an emotional and instinctive level to face tomorrow.


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