Astrology of February 12th, 2017: Faith and Sympathy

Today we still feel the residual effects of yesterday’s Sun in Aquarius trine Jupiter in Libra, enhancing our sense of good fortune and our consciousness in relation to our faith and ability to see the bigger picture, as well as our understanding of our relationships and social connections, and our dedication to our causes.

The day started out with an early-morning opposition between the Moon in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces, fogging up our instincts.  Virgo is ruled by Mercury (currently in Aquarius) and therefore the Moon in Virgo tends to be on the rational side and doesn’t know what to make of Neptune in Pisces and its dreamy, romantic outlook on the world.  When these two are in opposition we may find ourselves challenged to find the balance between Virgo’s detail-orientation and Pisces’ need to blur the boundaries and seek a more universal point of view.  Neptune has a bit of back-up here because of the Sun/Jupiter trine, as Jupiter is the classical ruler of Pisces and Neptune is the transcendental ruler.  Neptune is in the sign that they rule and Jupiter is supported by the Sun, the light of consciousness, so the Moon is likely to feel outnumbered, but since the Moon’s processes are unconscious, we need to be aware and compassionate with ourselves in response to any emotional confusion that we experience this morning.

This afternoon, the Moon in Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn, and now our emotions get a powerful boost of Plutonian intensity, but since this is a supportive aspect, this may manifest as an instinctive understanding of the larger transformative forces in our lives that we may have previously felt powerless to resist.  We may now have a better feeling about just how to climb the mountains facing us, how to place our steps with sureness, prudence, and careful planning.  We may also have an instinct for ferreting out secrets at this time, and things may be revealed to us which may be beneficial to us so long as we are using them in the context of the larger picture and doing so serves the greater good.

Late tonight the Moon in Virgo opposes Chiron in Pisces, giving our emotions and instincts another dose of Piscean sensitivity and putting us in jeopardy of allowing our compassion to get the better of us, putting us in a situation where our normal desire will be to be practical but our empathy will know that someone needs our help.  We may have to make a choice that puts us at a disadvantage, or that reveals a great weakness or an old wound.  We may find our good natures taken advantage of, but we may also learn a lot about ourselves and be capable of doing some serious good with our own knowledge about the hurts of others as a result of our experience with our own hurts.  Now is a time to be aware and neither martyr ourselves nor abandon others without good reason.  We can expand our kindness to embrace those who need it without true harm to ourselves, but the balancing act may not be comfortable.  Nonetheless, it may still be rewarding in terms of the wisdom gained.


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(All aspect times are calculated for Pacific Standard Time.  I tend to speak in broad terms when I reference time on this blog, referring to time-frames like “morning” or “afternoon” rather than specific times, since I still have a lot of friends on the East Coast who read these posts and I’d like them to be pertinent to those friends as well as folks here on the West Coast.  Readers from further abroad will need to adjust time-frames accordingly.)

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