Astrology of February 21st, 2017: Thoughts and Beliefs

Early this morning the Moon in Capricorn sextiled the Sun in Pisces, aligning our unconscious and conscious selves harmoniously, with our emotions and instincts expressing themselves in a practical, goal-driven manner and our core sense of self expressing sensitivity and compassion as well as a concern for the bigger picture.  This aspect set a tone for the early morning of combining our personal aims with the well-being of our fellows, and this was reinforced shortly thereafter by the Moon in Capricorn trining the North Node in Virgo, making us mindful of the details in relation to fulfilling our karmic purpose.  All too often people reduce the concept of karma to a glorified system of punishment and reward, but really karma is more a matter of cause and effect, the necessary balancing that must happen in response to prior actions.  I think of it a bit like kinetic energy.  Since individual karma does not occur in a vacuum, it is part of an overall pattern created by the combined karma of all.  Thus, each person’s karmic path is intertwined with the paths of others.  These two astrological aspects so close together reinforce this understanding, and help us to be mindful of our goals in service to both our own path and the greater karma of the world.

Within minutes, however, the Moon in Capricorn squares Venus in Aries, challenging our feelings and instincts with our need for action to satisfy our affections and desires.  This challenge is not necessarily a bad thing.  Since a Capricornian Moon is ambitious and goal-oriented, our instinctual drive under its influence is to get things done, but sometimes it can get bogged down in planning and cautiousness, so having an active, impatient Venus in Aries demanding that we move may very well be the impetus that we need.  Of course, Venus in Aries is likely to err more on the selfish side of the balance of personal and universal needs previously mentioned, but the consciousness inspired by the Sun/Moon sextile less than an hour earlier may still keep us mindful of our better natures, and regardless, Venus is still a benevolent influence even in a challenging aspect.  At most, this influence might impart some minor frustration regarding conflicting goals or the sacrifice of some personal comfort to fulfill a higher purpose, and since Aries is not prone to holding grudges, that is not likely to last long.

The big astrological news of the day is Mercury in Aquarius trining Jupiter in Libra toward mid-day, as aspect which affects the entire day and which we built up to during yesterday’s strong Mercury and Jupiter influences, and will still feel residual effects of tomorrow just as we are still experiencing residual effects today from yesterday’s Mercury/Uranus sextile.  Keep in mind that Mercury here is a mediating force between Jupiter and Uranus in their ongoing opposition, just as Saturn had previously been in the Triangle of Potential that was in force in December and January.  Yesterday’s Mercury/Uranus sextile and today’s Mercury/Jupiter trine form their own (short-lived) Triangle of Potential, with our thoughts and communication mediating in the struggle for balance between our personal desire for freedom and the rebellion used to achieve it and our desire for connection and peaceful relationships as well as our faith in diplomacy and social harmony.  Today’s Mercury/Jupiter trine reinforces the interaction between our thoughts and our beliefs, specifically when it comes to our faith in our social connections and personal relationships, bringing with it a strong sense of optimism and a desire for diplomatic solutions to conflict.  Now is a time to tap into Jovian good fortune in our communications and contracts, as well as in dealings with government and health concerns.

This afternoon the Sun conjuncts the South Node in Pisces, making us mindful of where we have been, and putting us in a place of power with regard to the skills that we have already developed.  Now is a time for us to be conscious of what we have learned thus far.  Of course, because the South Node is on an axis with the North Node, this puts the Sun opposite the North Node, making us conscious of what we have not yet done in pursuit of our karmic path.  The Sun’s position here may make us mindful of where we feel stuck or held back, and can increase our hunger for what we have not yet achieved.  Unless, of course, we really want to stay stuck…  Since Pisces’ transcendental ruler is Neptune, which governs our more escapist tendencies, our consciousness in this realm may find itself wishful for the past, nostalgic and content with sentimentality rather than growth.  Still, because oppositions increase awareness of the opposing forces, it is unlikely that we will be able to remain in such fantasies without having something draw our attention to where we really should be headed.  This is a good time to make peace with the past and set our sights firmly on the future, especially since Pisces’ classical ruler Jupiter is so emphasized by today’s Mercury/Jupiter trine, and therefore the more visionary and optimistic side of the Sun’s Piscean consciousness is emphasized.  Our hunger for the future is born out of the past, so this combination of aspects today may well strengthen our appetites.

Tonight, the Moon in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces, putting our emotions and instincts in harmony with our fantasies and spiritual yearnings.  This is a gently harmonious aspect, giving a pleasantly dreamy quality to the evening without taking our feet off the ground.  Whether daydreams or actual dreams, sometimes our fantasies help bolster our goals in useful ways with vision and intention.  The theory of relativity was developed as the result of a daydream, after all.  Sometimes the real world and the imagination need to join hands in order to achieve greater things, and tonight is one of those times.  This is a good time to use our imaginations in creating our plans, getting practical with our creativity and creative with our practicality, and fueling our ambitions with dreams of what might be.


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