Astrology Update, February 24th, 2017: Action!

We are still feeling the residual effects of last night’s Mercury/Saturn sextile, fortifying our minds and our communication, aiding our planning and organizing skills, our ability to do repetitive tasks, and our data-crunching capabilities.  This is a good time to get tasks done that might not normally be exciting but which are necessary steps in furthering our own improvement as well as our social goals and ideals.  We’re also already starting to feel the effects of next week’s Jupiter/Uranus opposition, the second in a series that started in late December and will culminate at the end of September, reinforcing yesterday’s Jupiter/Eris opposition and challenging us to find the balance between innovative individual freedom and harmony in relationships as well as faith in social order, particularly when our Eris-fueled bullshit detectors are dialed to 10.

Today’s astrological aspects are blessedly harmonious and minimal, giving us some respite from the activity of the past couple days.  This morning sees a sextile from the Moon in Aquarius to Venus in Aries, giving some Venusian warmth to our feelings and increasing our friendliness while at the same time allowing us to remain self-motivated and even a bit detached.  This is a great balance to encourage taking action without getting bogged down in emotion and simultaneously giving some sense of social responsibility to the will to dance to our own music.  Of course, given that the transcendental ruler of Aquarius, Uranus is hanging out in Aries along with Venus, Mars, and Eris, that sense of responsibility is still likely to be revolutionary.  Our instincts this morning lead us in search of new ways of doing things, and are going to be excited by new ideas and technologies, but thanks to Venus in this mix we are likely to want to be hands-on with that excitement rather than just living in the world of ideas.  Since Venus governs the female sexual principle, this aspect can also be a good reminder of just how sexy forthrightness and a bit of impulsiveness can be, and that’s a pleasurable glow to light up the morning and linger into the astrological quiet of the afternoon.

This active impulse is reinforced late tonight when the Moon in Aquarius sextiles Mars in Aries, giving our emotions and instincts a boost from our drive, ambition, aggression, focus, and energy.  Mars governs the male sexual principle, and following on the heels of our emotions aligned with Venusian affections we may find ourselves pursuing those affections more aggressively tonight.  Aries is one of the two signs that Mars rules, so he’s in the height of his power here, bolstering our courage and uninterested in excuses about not getting what we want.  Mars in Aries rejects excuses and moves forward boldly and quickly to make it so already, damnit.  Those of us who have been languishing in uncertainty may find this aspect coming after the boost in confidence from this morning’s Moon/Venus sextile cutting through all of that crap, and about time, too.


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