Astrology Update, February 26th, 2017: New Moon and Eclipse in Pisces

This morning starts with the New Moon in Pisces and an annular Solar Eclipse, the “ring of fire” in which the moon blocks much but not all of the Sun, due to being further away from the Earth and therefore appearing smaller in relation to the Sun.  This will not be visible in the Northern Hemisphere, but it is potent nonetheless.  The New Moon is a time for intention setting, preparing the energy that will grow between now and the Full Moon, at which time we release that intention out into the world.  Eclipses, on the other hand, set something new into motion over a six month stretch, with the effects from this one stretching forward until the next Solar Eclipse in August.  

The Moon and the Sun are conjunct in Pisces, which also contains Mercury, Neptune, Chiron, and the South Node, putting a heavy emphasis on Piscean themes of emotional sensitivity, spirituality, fantasy, and karma.  Pisces is the oldest sign of the zodiac, so endings are emphasized here and new beginnings as well, thanks to three planets and a dwarf planet in Aries (Venus, Mars, Uranus, and Eris).  Now is the time for us to muster both faith and courage to let go of the past in order to leap forward into the new, which may not be what we were expecting.  Since the Moon and Sun are conjunct between the North Node and Neptune, coming to terms with the past is especially emphasized, but the Moon and Sun are closer to Neptune, so there is a strong potential for confusion here.  Neptune is the transcendental ruler of Pisces and emphasizes dissolving boundaries and merging with the Universal, so the process of dissolution is stronger than the grip of the past, but if we fear letting go then that process will be more difficult.  We may find ourselves caught in the grip of nostalgia, even if that vision of the past is seen through overly rosy glasses.  One way to help ourselves move forward is actually to learn more about the past, the real past, not the idealized one nor the one hidden by those for whom the truth would be inconvenient.  Now is a time for dreaming as well, and meditation on the patterns in our lives, especially those pertaining to trauma, whether personal, familial, or generational (or all of the above).

As if to emphasize the need to dissolve old ties and let go, later this morning Mercury squares Black Moon Lilith, challenging our already fuzzy mental capacities with full immersion into our most difficult and destructive belief patterns, adding further fuel to the Eclipse-born impetus to discover the truth about our karmic patterns.  Black Moon Lilith here may add to our unconscious fears, but also gives us a push to break through them in order to gain a fuller understanding of ourselves and how we have been shaped by larger patterns and attitudes that may not even be truly our own, imparted to us by family and society.

This afternoon, we have still further opportunity to transcend our old patterns and float in the sea of intuitive knowing as the Moon conjuncts Neptune in Pisces.  We are likely to have a powerful instinctual need to escape reality at this time, and may find ourselves bewildered by what we are feeling now.  Those of us who are spiritually inclined may feel like we have been touched by the Divine, or fate, but some of us may also find our addictions or chronic illnesses hitting hard now.  Our moods may tend toward the romantic, or the introspective, or the nostalgic, or some combination thereof, and while this can amplify confusion and escapism, it can also aid in the process of dissolving old ties and making our peace with the past.  This is a good time to work through these feelings creatively with art or music, or any other activities that thrive when fed by an active imagination.

Early this evening Mars in Aries conjuncts Uranus in Aries, activating the ongoing Jupiter/Uranus opposition as well as a loose cardinal T-square with Pluto.  That Mars/Uranus conjunction is going to emphasize a drive toward the future and new beginnings that may be of the hang-onto-your-hat variety, as Uranus is impatient even when not in impulsive Aries and is also still conjunct Eris, goddess of chaos and discord.  And with Jupiter blowing air into the coals, his emphasis on relationships and social harmony just fuels the Uranian fire that demands freedom, self-fulfillment, and revolutionary change that Mars provides the drive to achieve.  All of the watery emphasis on the past that we experienced with the Eclipse and the Moon/Neptune conjunction now gives way to four-alarm fire steering us in a wholly new direction that we may well feel we have absolutely no control over.  But for many of us, no matter how disconcerting that push from forces larger than ourselves may feel, on some level it is likely to be a relief, a natural progression, a vital shift in consciousness that needs to happen.  Scary, yes.  But oh-so-necessary.


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