Tarot for February 8th, 2017: Pleasure, reversed

Today’s Tarot card is the 6 of Cups (Pleasure), reversed.  Given the astrological jostling of our emotions and instincts today, the phrase “Pleasure, reversed” in itself is probably not far from the mark, though the meaning of the card in this position is even more apt once we delve into it further.

The 6 of Cups is ruled by the Sun in Scorpio.  This is the current placement of Black Moon Lilith, the lunar apogee, and she has just entered the critical 29th degree where she will remain until this time next week.  This critical 29th degree transit is a time when the last lessons of Scorpio must be learned in relation to Black Moon Lilith before moving on to the first lessons of Sagittarius.  Black Moon Lilith is about letting go, surrendering to our own powerlessness, and understanding our frustrations, and in Scorpio that can mean a double-whammy, since Scorpio is jointly ruled by Mars classically and Pluto transcendentally.  Mars deals with our focus, drive, sexuality, and aggression, and Pluto deals with our issues of control, how we assert or deny our power, intensity, transformation, and death.  Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio then asks us to surrender to the mystery in our lives in ways that are likely to feel scary, intense, and sometimes even hopeless.  Through this surrender we not only gain wisdom and understanding of our own depths and endurance, but also in opening ourselves to the void we make possible the entry of that which we desire into our lives.  We experience the death of ego for this time so that ego is no longer our stumbling block in the areas of our lives governed by Scorpio.  Ironically, by surrendering our desires we create the space for our desires to be fulfilled.  Embracing Yin is necessary in order to equally embrace Yang.

Thus, we experience the tumultuousness of our emotions in response to multiple challenges between the Moon and outer planets today, the big forces in our lives that we cannot control battering our feelings and instincts, and in the wee hours of tomorrow morning the Moon will trine Black Moon Lilith, connecting our feelings in the aftermath of this day with all of that helplessness and need to surrender.  And there we will find our space of emptiness with which to welcome our own power that we could not see in the light of our own ego (the Sun).

Yes, seeing the 6 of Cups upended can feel like a kick in the gut.  We want pleasure in our lives, and to feel and enjoy the fullness of our emotions, the fulfillment of our desires.  At the same time, when we are experiencing difficult emotions like frustration and helplessness, there is a very real danger of turning off emotionally, stifling what we feel in order to be able to get through our days without tripping up on potentially disruptive feelings.  But as Black Moon Lilith is currently pointing out, we need to be willing to face our own dark depths and dive down deep into all of the awfulness of what we feel if we are ever to have that pleasure that we so desire.

On the plus side, the 6 of Cups reversed can signal that we are finally ready to shuck off our rose-coloured glasses, let go of the past, and do the hard work necessary to bring what we desire into our lives.  The critical 29th degree of Scorpio that Black Moon Lilith is transiting is after all the place of the last lessons of the sign, signaling that this is a time for completion in this stage of our life.  Sometimes the physical and emotional healing and transformation that are signaled when this card is upright requires that we undergo a healing crisis, a time when things get worse before they get better.  Seeing the 6 of Cups reversed today shows us that we are ready to confront our own fears of letting go, and step forward into the darkness on our way to a better future.


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