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Astrology Update, March 13th, 2017: Setting Minds Alight

Today started off in the early morning hours with Mars in Taurus trining the North Node in Virgo, aligning our ambition, drive, and energy with our karmic path, increasing our momentum toward the experiences and skills that we need to gain in this life.  This makes today a great day to tend to crucial details in moving ourselves forward and achieving our goals for increasing our well-being on our souls’ level.  The perfectionist nature of Virgo is heightened at this time, with plenty of power driving it, so there is always the possibility of overdoing things now, but this is a harmonious aspect, so I suspect that we will be more driven to pay attention to process and growth, and may find ourselves experiencing a boost in physical vitality as a result.

Still early this morning, the Moon in Libra sextiled Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius, bringing our unconscious reactions into alignment with our unconscious wisdom, and allowing us to gain understanding of our shadow side that we can put to good use, especially when it comes to the shadow side of our beliefs and how we relate to others in a larger social context.  Black Moon Lilith deals with the knowledge that hovers in the space between the unconscious and the conscious realms, so we may find the information that occupied our unconscious this morning slowly filtering into the light as the day progresses.

That light may seem brighter this afternoon as Mercury leaves the watery, mystical realm of Pisces for fiery and direct Aries, giving our thoughts and communication a push in a more active direction.  Aries is ruled by Mars, so today’s Mars/North Node trine is likely to influence that action, focusing our minds on the areas of our lives that our souls most want to explore.  We may find ourselves a bit more headstrong now, more self-directed and self-interested.  Aries governs the head, so even though Aries can be a bit impulsive and thoughtless at times, still intelligence is valued by this sign, just not of the ponderous and slow variety.  Mercury in Aries is quick, interested in life, excited by possibility, and eager to try anything and everything.  Aries tends to be more egoic than other signs – after all, it is Aries’ mission to carve out an identity for the self – so we may find ourselves identifying with our ideas more at this time, more likely to defend them as if we are defending our very lives, and so we may find ourselves embroiled in more arguments during this Mercury transit.  On one hand, Aries can be quick to anger, so we may wind up in debates that seem to spring up out of nowhere.  On the other hand, Aries is quick to move on and doesn’t hold a grudge, so those debates may be over and forgotten just as quickly as they’ve begun.  Newness and courageousness of thought are the key aims of this transit, getting us out of whatever mental rut we’ve languished in previously (and hopefully made our peace with during the Mercury transit in Pisces), and trailblazing the way for the Sun’s entry into Aries next week, when our taste for action really starts to cook.

Tonight the Aries fires are fed by our emotions and instincts, as the Moon in airy Libra opposes Venus retrograde in Aries.  Venus rules Libra, so even though emotions under a Libran Moon tend to be more cool, reserved, and intellectual, this Libran Moon feels the heat that Venus is traveling through, albeit through the filter of retrograde reassessment.  Oppositions increase awareness, asking us to balance two very different temperaments.  Libra is peace-loving, social, and all about relationships, whereas Aries is aggressive, freedom-loving (especially with Uranus and Eris continuing their transit here), and all about personal identity and development.  However, not only is Libra’s ruler transiting Aries, but Libra is also the sign most concerned with balance.  More than any other sign (except possibly Pisces) Libra is eternally aware of its opposite – Libra is always conscious of the other side to any story.  Tonight’s Moon/Venus opposition then is a unique opportunity to find balance in our relationships through our emotions and affections, gaining greater understanding of how we connect with others while still maintaining an integral sense of self.  Since the Moon operates on the unconscious level, and Venus is very much about sensory experience, this understanding is not to be gained through thinking so much as doing, so this is a time to be social, whether one-on-one or in a broader sense, and enjoy this increased awareness of our connections and the feelings and pleasures we share with each other.


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