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Astrology Update, March 14th, 2017: Healing Crisis

We are still experiencing the effects of the Mars/North Node trine giving impetus to our growth on our karmic paths today, and the ongoing theme of letting go of old, painful patterns is revisited with the Sun conjuncting Chiron in Pisces this morning, with the effects of this conjunction lasting throughout the day.  Since Pisces governs the 12th house with it’s attendant themes of death, sorrow, self-defeat, and confinement, these are the themes we may find ourselves confronting today, along with illness and trauma, both personal and intergenerational.  Navigating this transit takes extra doses of kindness and compassion, as well as intuition – our consciousness today is less a thinking consciousness and more of a feeling consciousness, and seeing the patterns that have led us to this point and what we need to do to change them is likely to require that we surrender ourselves to the experience rather than fighting our way through it.  Today especially we may find things getting worse before they get better, experiencing what is known in holistic health parlance as a “healing crisis.”  On the plus side, there is the potential for real progress in the midst of so much pain.  We may spend more time than we would like today feeling sorry for ourselves, but also may find ourselves connecting to others around us through shared pain and sadness.  Learning about subjects related to healing is favored today, as is recognizing that we may be able to do more to help others than we can for ourselves right now.

Toward mid-day today the Moon in Libra squared Pluto in Capricorn, putting our efforts to connect with others in the shadow of institutional powers and other forces larger than ourselves.  Pluto deals with deep transformation, including death and endings, so the Sun/Chiron conjunction’s emphasis on endings and sacrifice may have been heightened during this time, and we may have struggled with our equilibrium as a result.  Relationships may have been challenged either by control issues within those relationships or forces out of control of all parties concerned.  We may also have found our ability to work hampered by social issues, diplomatic wrangling, or unusually disruptive environments.

All of this set the stage for this afternoon’s conjunction between the Moon and Jupiter in Libra, amplifying our emotional responses and reaffirming our faith in our social connections.  Particularly when faced with the powers that be putting a monkey wrench in our peace and harmony, sometimes our friends and loved ones are the best medicine, or even social connections we never expected to prove so soothing.  Keep in mind that sometimes it takes disruption of our relationships and environments to show us how reliant we are on them, so this has not necessarily been an easy time, and we may find ourselves a bit emotionally raw and unsettled as a result.  Nonetheless, this time has been a reminder that we truly need our social connections and partnerships, not out of weakness or some flaw in our character, but rather because we are social creatures who are greater together than apart.  Since Jupiter is the classical ruler of Pisces, this Moon/Jupiter conjunction is likely to have had lessons that are pertinent to the Sun/Chiron conjunction, giving us a boost of Jovian optimism and faith when we need it most.

Tonight the Moon in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries, taking that sense of social connection and confronting our need for personal freedom.  Since oppositions promote awareness, and the Moon/Jupiter conjunction followed by the Moon/Uranus opposition plugs into the ongoing Jupiter/Uranus opposition, tonight is a time of heightened awareness of the balancing act between what we want for ourselves and what we want for our personal relationships and our society.  Uranus brings with it sudden change and disruption, and in opposition to the Moon can have our moods experiencing drastic fluctuations that may leave us shaken and even exhausted by the end.  Particularly against the backdrop of both ongoing social changes and the personal changes that are being emphasized by both Uranus in Aries and today’s Sun/Chiron conjunction, we may find our nerves frayed at this time, and our health tested even more as a result.  Sleep may be long in coming with this aspect, so we would do well to be gentle with ourselves and others at this time.  The Sun/Chiron conjunction does heighten the potential for wisdom attained through dreams, so when sleep does come, it is likely to be a welcome balm at the end of a trying day, and worth noting any messages attained come morning.


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